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  1. mysteriousM

    Medical student with mental illness?

    Thank you so much! That's a huge relief.
  2. mysteriousM

    Medical student with mental illness?

    Thanks! So it's just to the College - it wouldn't be going on my residency applications? I was concerned about red-flags, especially with all of the Spots for Docs information - seems like it would just give programs a reason to reject me...
  3. Hi all, just wondering about what happens to medical students with mental illness around licensing/residency. I have not yet been asked about it/have not incurred problems thus far but getting the impression/lots of informal conversations advising that mental illness diagnosis is definitely something to be avoided at all costs. Wondering why - is this something you're asked about on residency applications? Will I be able to pursue a career in medicine? I would ask my mentors or admin staff at my university but I'm nervous about what consequences there might be. Have not disclosed so far to anyone other than my psychiatrist at my university. Looking for others in a similar situation to learn about the prospects. Without giving away too much about my identity/situation, my mental illness is not the usual depression/anxiety, I tried medication for some time and didn't find it helpful, did a bit of therapy, modified my lifestyle to be more aware of potential mental illness episodes. However, still see a psychiatrist occasionally to check-in, make sure I'm on an okay path. Diagnosed during undergrad.