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  1. Okay but it would be my third time writing if I did write again in November. Would that not be looked down upon? Also UofA is not a top choice for me. I'm hoping for UofT, Western, and McGill
  2. For Canadian schools I am striving for McGill, Uoft, Western, Dal, UBC
  3. for uoft my GPA would be 3.89 with my worst year dropped.
  4. This is the second time I took the DAT as I did a practice one early on in my undergrad. I am planning to apply to US schools this summer and Canadian schools this Fall. Please give me your honest opinions! I did well in some sections but not the best in others. Here are my scores: Reading 24 Bio 21 Chem 18 Science Total 19 AA 21 PAT 19 MDT 15 Overall my CGPA is 3.8 it would be higher for schools that drop your worst year. Uoft/UBC: 3.89, Western 3.92, Mcgill 3.8 I also have a ton of EC's, leadership experience, and dental volunteering/shadowing. But i'm worried about my PAT score. specific schools i'm looking at: McGill, Uoft, Western, Dal, UBC, and I'll also apply to UofS, UofA and UofM
  5. some schools use your most recent
  6. From what i've been told having a 20+ AA is competitive. But I've seen people get in with 18 and 19 AA. If you have the time and money, and truly think you can improve then I would go for it. But if you don't want to risk it then I wouldn't bother.
  7. Congrats everyone! I got 21 AA and 19 PAT - should i rewrite it? I plan on applying this year!
  8. I used DAT bootcamp for my DAT last year and it was NOT WORTH IT! Be cautious using it, a lot of information they stress you to learn is not even on the Canadian DAT. This year I used DAT Crusher instead and felt a lot more confident - hoping my results reflect this! Just 7 more weeks to go.
  9. I'm only doing the MDT to apply to McGill, but I also want to apply to other schools. If my MDT score isn't that high (but all my other DAT scores are good) would that still reduce my chances of interviews at schools who don't need the MDT?
  10. Congrats on the scores and thank you for the warning! I'm using the free version of chads videos at https://courses.chemistryprep.com/enrollments do you think this will suffice + doing practice questions for chem? How did you study for bio specifically? Did you use cliffs notes at all and did you type notes or write them by hand?
  11. Thank you so much for replying! Did you type your notes or write them out by hand?
  12. I have cliffs AP 3rd ed, Dr. Romanos Dynamite Bio notes, and Feralis DAT Bootcamp bio notes. I'm planning to do practice questions from DATready, IQ publications and DAT destroyer. What resource did people find best? I'm writing in November2018 but i'm crunched for time due to full time school with a 6 course load and work. And could people share how they studied for the bio section please?
  13. Hi Starburst - My school wont allow me to appeal grades to be removed. If mental health is not good for extenuating circumstances, could I say that the grades were from the program I switched out of (those courses are not apart of my current/new program).
  14. Hello I am applying this year and I have one C+ and B- that happened in the same semester before I switched my degree and was only having mental health issues that I can get a doctor to back me up for. McGill GPA: 3.75 w/o extenuating circumstanced McGill GPA: 3.83 if they drop the C+ and the B- by accepting my extenuating circumstances. Also does anyone know how they view extenuating circumstances. Should i claim them or should I just leave my CGPA as is? If I were to claim should i ask them to drop the whole semester or just the two bad grades? Thanks in advance!
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