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  1. Did anyone else apply from the ADEA American dental school website? Or are people being notified via email?
  2. I’m Canadian but I applied through the ADEA website. My status still says application received.
  3. Do you think we could hear back today? Or is next week more likely
  4. Okay but it would be my third time writing if I did write again in November. Would that not be looked down upon? Also UofA is not a top choice for me. I'm hoping for UofT, Western, and McGill
  5. For Canadian schools I am striving for McGill, Uoft, Western, Dal, UBC
  6. This is the second time I took the DAT as I did a practice one early on in my undergrad. I am planning to apply to US schools this summer and Canadian schools this Fall. Please give me your honest opinions! I did well in some sections but not the best in others. Here are my scores: Reading 24 Bio 21 Chem 18 Science Total 19 AA 21 PAT 19 MDT 15 Overall my CGPA is 3.8 it would be higher for schools that drop your worst year. Uoft/UBC: 3.89, Western 3.92, Mcgill 3.8 I also have a ton of EC's, leadership experience, and dental volunteering/shadowing. But i'm worried about my PAT score. specific schools i'm looking at: McGill, Uoft, Western, Dal, UBC, and I'll also apply to UofS, UofA and UofM
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