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  1. i'd rather be crying in a range rover than on the bus...
  2. Don’t be so fixated on the whole 6-7 hour range. Study effectively and don’t do things that are a waste of time (like spending too long with passive learning), but be prepared to use whatever methods you find effective for as many hours as it takes
  3. Unrelated but can you become IP at Saskatchewan by doing a masters/living there for awhile
  4. prep courses assume a foundational knowledge and rip through stuff pretty quickly. if you have space for a biochemistry elective next year I'd take it because it's a lot to self study. maybe summer school chem the summer after you graduate
  5. Even if you don't feel particularly strong about the moral implications of drinking, if you spent most of your life ignorant about drinking culture and behaviour, is it best to just avoid it in your 20s as well?
  6. Idk how the passed with distinction stuff works but if that wasn't an option on the table I'd say do a 5th year
  7. why do they censor **DELETED**
  8. everyone's different but I usually feel 6 is enough. 5 and im too tired but do what's best for you obviously
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