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  1. sd3

    Law to Medicine

    It is possible to do the prerequisites in Cégep or University (UdeM, McGill or Concordia). And yes, the grades are used for the application. Besides Cégep being cheaper, do you see any advantage in doing them there instead of Uni?
  2. sd3

    Law to Medicine

    Hi ! Thank you for your message and advice! I also intend on working and getting called to the bar before applying to medicine, which would bring me to apply in November 2019. So, I still have time to think about it until then. Would you recommend working while doing prereqs ? I have a six month gap between the bar exam and articling so I was thinking I could do most prereqs then. Working at the firm while doing those prereqs would cleary be a better financial choice but if I am not wrong prereqs grades are taken into consideration for admission so it might be better to fully concentrate on them?
  3. sd3

    Law to Medicine

    You are right, it is an important decision. Thank you for the advice. I am looking into it and will try to meet with med students with a law background to get their point of view and also talk with doctors about how they find their career. Would you have any other ideas for ways to figure out better if medicine is for me? Would it be possible at this stage to shadow a doctor for a day?
  4. sd3

    Law to Medicine

    Thank you for your answer.
  5. Hi all, I recently graduated from UdeM law (3.76 GPA - dean's honour list) and am considering a career change for medicine. I am currently employed by a top-tier law firm and will clerk with a Court of Appeal judge. I have done lots of extracurricular activities such as volunteering in a legal aid clinic and leading a help service for law students. I would have to take all my prerequisite sciences courses, because I did not do them in CEGEP. Did anyone on this forum also do the change from law to medicine? Do you think it's realistic with my stats? Thank you !!