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  1. Does anybody have a comprehensive source for current public health issues in Canada? I am hoping to find something similar in format to the UWashington bioethics page that can lay everything out for me in brief summaries. The best I have been able to find is look at various periodicals ex: CMAJ, Andre Picard's health column and White Coat Black Art with Brian Goldman.
  2. There is a luck component but it isn't necessarily the subjectivity of the evaluation, it is also that the applicant pool can vary widely in terms of NAQ excellence/proficiency each year
  3. Hey! I'm also interested in joining. please send me a message
  4. Anybody studying for their MCAT in Victoria this summer? message me if you would like to meet up and study together
  5. @VigoVirgo Can you please cite a source for this? I have not heard that before but that is really good news if true.
  6. I am transferring from a small rural BC college to UAlberta next fall (Bio major). I have good grades (~3.9 gpa) but am worried that my somewhat erratic course history might be a problem to Adcoms. (Mostly due to the transfer process). Please tell me your thoughts on what this may mean, is it a "red flag" or do adcoms only want to see good grades and some full time schooling? . Year 1-college: 10 courses, 1 withdrawal (made up in summer session) Year 2-college: 9 courses, 1 withdrawal (not made up) Year 3-college: 2 courses + 1 online through TRU Projected: Year 4-UofA: 10 courses (Also may have to redo one course [general chemistry] due to problems with transfer) Year 5-UofA: 10 courses Year 6-UofA: possibly two or three courses to complete degree requirements (I have decent EC's and am writing MCAT this summer) What do you think? I am mostly looking to apply at UAlberta, UCalgary, UBC, Queens, Western, and UOttawa. (I know I am not eligible for Utoronto gpa weighting). Thanks.
  7. Yeah technically I could but it seems pretty dishonest. Keeping BC services card and qualifying as an AB resident both require that you "make your home" in the province. There is no hard, fast rule about this but I think it could work against me to try and play the system like that... I will have to phone UofA, UofC, UBC and the AB and BC governments to get some info
  8. I have medium-high stats (3.9, no mcat yet) and mainly just want to broaden my opportunity and get myself into med school no matter which one it is. UBC would be nice but so would UofA or UofC (or anywhere else), I have no preference. I have sort of gotten a sense that UBC is a very competitive school for both IP and OOP, and Alberta schools less so. If I could apply as IP to all three then that would be fantastic, but I don't think that I can, so its more of a sense of which gives me a better chance as IP. And you're right about UofA's indecisiveness, lol.
  9. Has anyone from BC and living in AB been able to satisfy residency requirements and apply as IP to UAlberta with a BC Services Card ? (Therefore remaining IP for UBC as well)
  10. I am having the exact same issue right now. Have been at a BC college for two years and now transferring to UofA to finish BSc. My conclusion is that we lose BC status...
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