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  1. Baljinderthecrow

    Verifiers Already Contacted?

    I've had that happen to me. Had 4 contacted a few weeks ago, and then had 1 contacted a few days ago.
  2. Baljinderthecrow

    Is it worth Applying?

    Thank you, this gave me a lot of motivation! Do you have any suggestions or tips about how you prepped for CASPer?
  3. Baljinderthecrow

    Using "I" and "My" in the CV??

    Alright, thanks for your help!
  4. Baljinderthecrow

    Using "I" and "My" in the CV??

    "Responsibilities included x, y, and z. Provided an opportunity to develop my communication skills etc......" That is what I'm trying to write, would that be acceptable?
  5. Baljinderthecrow

    Using "I" and "My" in the CV??

    Sorry if my question sounds dumb, I am an OOP applicant and am struggling a bit with the CV. McGill is making us enter our ECs in a very different format as compared to other Canadian Medical schools. I know that in a normal resume, the general consensus is that one should avoid using "I" and "my", do the same rules apply to the CV for McGill? I did see their exemplar on the McGill website use the word "my" but did not see it use "I".
  6. Baljinderthecrow

    Is it worth Applying?

    I am an OOP from Ontario, and my GPA converts to 3.87 on the McGill scale, my prerequisite GPA is a 4.0. Is it worth it for me to even apply? If I do apply should I send in my MCAT score of 512? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you
  7. Baljinderthecrow

    ABS Essays - Plagiarism

    Yes just contact them, they will give much better answers than people here. Good luck!
  8. Baljinderthecrow

    ABS Essays - Plagiarism

    I would suggest emailing them and denying permission to put your work on turnitin. They said on their website that they will honour such requests.
  9. Do you think that the admissions committee places value on which institution one received their undergraduate Degree? When I look at admissions statistics, I see that most people that are accepted are from McMaster whereas fewer people are taken from other schools. Only 4 students were taken from York last cycle and some supposedly good schools like Waterloo aren't even on the list!
  10. Baljinderthecrow

    Verifier for awards

    Who/what do I put as a verifier for my awards? These area all listed on my transcript, but OMSAS requires me to input a verifier. Is it possible to use a certificate as a verifier?
  11. Baljinderthecrow

    ABS ESSAY- Help

    From what I've heard, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Some people have explicitly stated clusters and other's just reflect the clusters implicitly and both types of people have received interviews and acceptances. The main point isn't just to address the clusters, the main point is to have well written essays in my opinion.
  12. Baljinderthecrow

    Verifiers Already Contacted?

    Is this a good or bad thing? I can't really tell. I would like to think that because they are taking their time to contact verifiers, they might be interested in my application, but idk if that's true or not. In all honesty this entire process is very scary and nerve-racking!
  13. Baljinderthecrow


    Unfortunately, I believe that UofT does not look at your application if you don't meet their MCAT cutoff for each section. I would still send an email to their admissions office anyways, no harm in doing so!
  14. Baljinderthecrow

    Verifiers Already Contacted?

    Yes 4 of my verifiers were contacted yesterday. There might even be more, but I know about 4 since the verifiers mentioned it to me. I really hope the others verify my activity description and hours correctly!
  15. Baljinderthecrow

    Answering with examples from the past?

    I haven't finished answering the questions yet myself, but I think it should be perfectly fine to do that.