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  1. I applied last cycle (I'm OOP) and scored about a 25 on the NAQ, I would need about a 35 to receive an interview at UBC. Last time, I sort of wrote mine on the last day and just rushed it in a few hours. This time around, I have spent considerable time editing my application and would appreciate it if someone can took a look and let me know how it looks or if it needs minor editing.
  2. If I'm going to be honest, I think that you were just horribly unlucky last cycle! You should get some interviews this cycle for sure even if you resubmit the same application as last year.
  3. I'm just an applicant like you so I can't say for sure, but I think that you have a decent shot at securing an interview from both Queens and Western (based on your stats). Just make sure you kill the interviews and you can definitely get accepted!
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone! I will apply to all schools where I meet cutoffs.
  5. I know this is true, but I tend to hear this quote more often when the chances of something happening are ridiculously low. LOL
  6. I see the admissions statistics and notice that accepted GPA stats have been around 3.96 lately. My calculated weighted GPA comes out to be 3.87. Is there any point of me applying to the school being a non graduate student?
  7. based on this poll, it seems like they have yet to release their infamous annual colossal rejection wave.
  8. I agree, I'm horrified about something like this happening to me too!
  9. So I am a 4th year applicant from Ontario with a GPA around 3.9 and an MCAT score of 512, with 125 in CARS. Unfortunately, due to the intense competition my stats are considered significantly below average and I have not received a single interview this cycle. I am debating if I should move out of province to increase my chances of getting accepted somewhere, and moving to Newfoundland is one of my options. Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions about this? Do you think that this is a viable strategy to get into medical school? And if anyone has done this before, then I would certainly love to receive some advice. Thank you!
  10. Ok, I wasn't planning on doing this, but it seems like everyone wants me to make a group. Is a facebook group ok? If so then just PM me and I will add you to the group!
  11. I know that nobody has received interviews yet, but I think it would be a good idea to start preparing now so that we're ready when (if) we do get interviews. Has anyone made an interview prep group for this cycle? I am looking to join it.
  12. I recognize that there are urbanized indigenous communities spread across the country as well, and those communities certainly have a right to be served by Indigenous doctors. In my previous statement, I was referring to indigenous doctors from urban or rural indigenous communities that choose to work in non indigenous communities after they complete medicine. I think it would also be unfair if some people with 1/2 or 1/4 indigenous blood, who were not raised in indigenous communities and are not culturally indigenous in any way end up abusing such a policy and take a medical school seat from someone who is more deserving. Overall, I do agree that we need such a policy in place, but I just hope that they use it in such a way to maximize the benefit of indigenous people.
  13. I think that opting out would only make them suspicious about your essays, and they would use other means to assess them for plagiarism. In my opinion, it is probably best to not opt out.
  14. Based on the article, it seems that any indigenous applicant who meets minimum admission requirements (and does not bomb their interview) will get an acceptance. Is it fair? No, in my opinion its not fair for the other applicants. However, I think this measure is absolutely necessary for the betterment of our indigenous community in Canada. I just hope that there are measures in place to ensure that the indigenous people who do get accepted end up working in their own communities and serve their people to the best of their abilities. I hope we don't end up getting some indigenous people who grew up in urban areas abusing this policy to gain a seat, where they then just end up working in a major city.
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