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  1. Would a 3.79 GPA be good enough to meet the cutoff. MCAT is 515. Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone know how Casper was used in this application cycle?
  3. Does anybody know how many IP and OOP applicants are interviewing this year?
  4. It says on the McGill website that the target date for the invitation to interviews is now Jan 28, 2019!!
  5. So what is the deal with the references and the verifiers? I don't think all the verifiers or the referees have been contacted?? Does this process continue post interview as well?
  6. So do they send reference letters to the referees of all applicants or only those who are being considered for an interview?
  7. Does anybody know how they evaluate MCAT scores? I understand that it is 50% of your pre req GPA if it renders you more competitive but how do they make the conversion? Is a certain score equal to a certain GPA? Thanks in advance.
  8. With the introduction of CASPER, do you guys think the interview stats (GPA and MCAT) will change?
  9. Are the summer courses going to be used in the gpa calculation?
  10. Is it worth applying to memorial university with an average of 83% and MCAT of 515(130/126/129/130)? Kinda desperate here!!! Any advice is appreciated..
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