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  1. I am also applying again this year. I hope this cycle goes better for us.
  2. I believe they are an OOP candidate. They interview around 50 OOP candidate. Hence, you need to significantly improve your non-academic ranking to receive an interview. Also, do not forget about the academic context (10%).
  3. Anyone on the WL has also been waitlisted for med?
  4. Anyone on the WL has also been waitlisted for dent?
  5. You guys think there will be some movements tmr or Thursday?
  6. Do you guys know anyone who got accepted to both to med and dent IP?
  7. Does anyone people who got accepted to both med and dent IP?
  8. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: Waitlisted cGpa: 3.9 sGpa: 4.0 thoughts on MMI: I thought I messed a couple of stations. I tried my best but overall, I did not feel that great after the interview. IP/OOP: IP Year/degree if obtained: Finishing UG this year
  9. Last year, I got mine during the last week of March.
  10. Here are the stats for this year: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/after-youve-applied/currentapplicantstats. Although your GPA is below the average I think you should definitely apply. However, if you want to make your application more competitive, you should consider re-taking some of your courses to bring up your GPA or do a masters.
  11. you might want to post this as a separate thread so more people can see it.
  12. Yes, Congrats!!!! do you mind sharing your stats and what time it got updated?
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