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  1. I used a family member to verify an activity or two in both years I have applied. They did not contact me and I scored 8/17 on my EC section last application cycle (and interviewed both applications). I’m not sure how they look at these activities for scoring your ECs but it definitely didn’t hold me back from interviewing or receiving an above average score.
  2. I can’t recall if it is stated somewhere but I think when you are filling out an application and enter your MCAT it does show you that your score is the average of all sections, ie my score is always shown as 129.5 instead of 518 when I have received my feedback letters. And I can’t say 100% since they don’t specify their criteria for selection but I’m very confident that this is the only score that matters since they average all scores and don’t stress specific section scores (aside from the minimum cut offs), but if someone knows something I don’t feel free to correct me!
  3. I’m considering moving my TAing experience from leadership to employment since all of my other activity sections are full in order to put a new entry in my leadership section (I recently started a group that works with teams and schools to educate players and coach on concussions, and I am working to possibly turn it into a non profit). My question is whether It would hurt my application to move a strong leadership entry that I have more time in into another section, or if it would be a net gain since I get an extra activity and I believe this additional activity is strong as well (but it’s rather new so It makes me hesitant). Any advice is appreciated
  4. Thanks for the info, valid points I didn’t realize the process varied so much at different universities. Also to clarify I did make it to the national nomination ie I am in the final 10 quotes not just nominated by my department to apply (idk if that makes a difference), I was considering adding it and discussing how I am the first person in my lab to make it to the national level and the first from my department to make it to the national level for a CIHR nomination if I have space but as you mentioned it may be tough to judge so I will see if I have anything stronger to put. Thanks for your advice it is greatly appreciated!
  5. I just found out I was one of 10 people at my institutions nominated to apply for the Vanier graduate scholarship, would it be appropriate to put this on my application due to the difficulty of getting nominated or is it inappropriate to put an award for something I haven’t received regardless of how competitive it is? (Normally I wouldn’t put a nomination but others have told me it is something that you can put on your CV given the competitiveness of the scholarship so I wanted second opinions).
  6. I was rejected from u of a post interview for the second time around With a 3.92 gpa, 518 MCAT and 8/17 EC score (max was 12, avg for interview invite was 6). unfortunately u of a only tells you if you pass or fail your interview and doesn’t provide any feedback But given that my other stats are decently competitive I’m assuming it’s my interview score holding me back (for reference I’ve passed the interview last year and this year so I’m not doing the worst I could be doing which gives me hope). so I’ve spent a couple hours looking through the forums to try and gather advice and resources for MMI practice/improvement and had a couple questions. 1. I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions on prep companies, are there any that are currently relevant that anyone could recommend? (Some of the old threads had links that no longer work) 2. Is anyone on here willing to assist me who knows how assessors are grading interviews (I’m willing to pay as well)? 3. are there any books that anyone can recommend? at this point I’m really willing to try anything to improve and would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions I realize there are other post like this but I just wanted any up to date suggestions and if anyone is willing to assist me that would be awesome! as a side note the things that I have been doing the last two cycles to prep are the following: mock mmi through my schools career centre, practiced with 2 people who were interviewers for med and dent (I received critiques such as saying filler words less and expanding on my ideas but by the end of it both people said my answers were above average and didn’t think I was horrible so I may have been over confident and not realized I wasn’t doing as well as I could) and then I also did self prep by myself for hours.
  7. Hi, I am currently doing my PhD and really would like to finish the degree as it is relevant to both my interests and my ideal future career if I was to get accepted to medical school so I am wondering if there are any med schools aside from u of a which allow you to defer admission to finish a PhD or allow transfer into the MD/PhD program if you are doing your PhD already at another institution? ( I’m also really conflicted as I don’t want to apply broadly and screw over my supervisor By leaving early I think that is unfair but I want to keep my chances of admission as high as possible) so far I have been lucky enough to interview at u of a twice but was unsuccessful and would like to broaden my application list if it is possible just to keep my chances the highest. thanks!
  8. I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of pass/fail where if you fail they remove your application but if you pass it’s still grade in some way. It says in the FAQ that it’s graded like an OSCE so if you do poorly on X amount of the interview you fail or something along those lines?
  9. Looking back at the feedback given to those that didn’t receive and interview the average PA score was 6/17 for IP and 7/17 OOP (max 12 for both) so I’m assuming interviews are more than just pass/fail. regardless, congrats to those accepted
  10. Result: regrets Geography: IP GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 518 Degree: BSc (honours), currently doing PhD E.C: 8/17 (4/17 last year but pretty similar just added some publications and scholarships aside from more hours to my volunteering) Interview: passed (passed last year too) Thoughts: just really sad at this point. Not sure what to do to improve aside from the interview and really didn’t want to have to go through this a third time
  11. Yeah I’m not sure how they calculate things but I’m guessing interviews are more than just pass fail but tough to say. My gpa is 3.92, mcat is 518 , activities was 8/17 (And I believe the average in previous years has been around 7-10 for accepted?) and I passed the interview. Last year my activities was 4/17 so I thought that was what was holding me back but I guess I have to work on interviewing!
  12. There will be a document tab on the left hand side. Good luck!
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