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  1. In my feedback letter it said the SJT is pass fail which I believe is Casper’s (situational judgment test).
  2. Very true and thank you for the advice, I of course plan on improving interview skills as much as possible as well. I just hope that if I can add to my ECs and write them better I can get 1-2 more points which would help. does anybody know if they still mark the interview out of 7 per station and they just tell us if we pass or fail without giving us our actual score?
  3. Results: reject Geography: IP GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 518 Degree: HBSc (graduating this year) EC: 4/17 Interview: passed. felt good overall definitely messed one station up and one felt weaker but enjoyed the experience.
  4. Hi so I just got my regrets from this application cycle and received an EC score of 4/17 which I think is the biggest thing holding me back. My gpa this cycle was 3.88 but I got 4.0 this year so it is now 3.92 for next cycle and I have a 518 mcat (129/129/130/130) and I also passed my interview which is why I think working towards ec’s would yield the greatest results but I’m not sure how to best increase my score. With u of a and their limited character limit this cycle I focused on describe the activity and my responsibilities and briefly what it has helped me approve upon. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks in advance and sorry for the big post just very confused on where to go from here. Summary of EC’s from this cycle: football coaching/mentoring, tutoring, two long term jobs one where I got promoted, football for years with multiple awards and captaincy, undergrad research where I got a scholarship for a paper and 2xAIHS awards, overseas volunteering for 6 weeks, youth hockey team volunteering, rugby, and then some other small but long term hobbies and volunteering things added for next year: graduate school recruitment scholarship + another grad school scholarship (starting msc), 1xAIHS declined and a NSERC USRA, pending publication in review, poster presentation at international conference and then more work and volunteer hours for some of the stuff listed above.
  5. I studied 120 hours maybe over 16 weeks since I was working and got 97th percentile. Depends on which stuff you have previous exposure to for sure but biggest advise is do lots of practice material from aamc
  6. My invite had the interview date and time in the email.
  7. Ok thank you all for the replies I guess I am sort of over paranoid that it could doom my interview, I’ll stay away from a tack watch and see if I can find a longer sleeved dress shirt that doesn’t look awkward to ease my nerves. All the input is very much appreciated!
  8. Hi I know tattoos have been discussed on the forums before but long story short I have a full sleeve tattoo that is essentially covered when I wear a suit but in certain positions when my sleeve gets pulled up it is slightly visible. Do any of you know if it would be worth it to cover the edges with make up or wear a big watch to keep it as covered as possible or will it not negatively impact me if it potentially shows slightly during my interviews?
  9. Invite (January 30, 10:03AM) GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 518 Degree: 4th year (IP) ECs: coaching, tutoring, athletic trainer, two long term jobs, football awards and captain, rugby, and some research with Studentships CASPer: no idea how I did I suck at typing but tried to be very explanatory
  10. Got an invite and took me by surprise I had to triple check that it was real haha
  11. Nothing from my references yet but my verifiers have been contacted, not sure if they do it at different times?
  12. No video replay. Automatically goes to the questions as soon as it finishes
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