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  1. I feel like I had a positive experience overall. Interviewers smiled and laughed which made me more comfortable (although last year the same thing happened in my panel and I was not accepted so i think it means very little haha). I felt like the first minute I definitely rambled a bit but calmed after I got into the flow of things. Now the dreaded wait starts
  2. I had a friend who completed their masters and got the additional point for it while on the waitlist and according to what they were told by the admissions office they shouldn’t worry about being waitlisted since the additional points from a masters is enough to bring someone from the bottom of the waitlist to the top. I have no idea if this is actually true in anyway but If it is it kind of illustrates how tight the competition is between competitive applicants so I’m certain if that was the case it can make a big difference if you’re already competitive and make you competitive if you are lacking in other areas. But again that’s just anecdotal and in no way do I know the validity of this.
  3. I didn’t fill out all my entries last year maybe 12/16 I think and I got an interview but I also only scored 4/17 on my activities. This year I think I filled out 13-14 and I also got an interview.
  4. Result: Invite!GPA: 3.92MCAT: 518 Current Degree: PhD, HBSc completed 2019Geography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): Detailed In previous posts but probably not the best (4/17 score last year). A couple jobs, sports (lots of different sports and awards etc), coaching, volunteering. Some research funding both undergrad level and grad level. No publications but I did have 3 submitted coauthors included on my app idk if they even count those, 2 published abstracts from international conference that I did a poster at.CASPer: No idea last year I did pass the casper test but I also passed the interview and didn’t get an invite so not sure how it’s included into selection process.
  5. I had an interview at UAlberta but not Calgary last year. Calgary seems a bit more variable with how much weight is on the personal essays. I have friends who didn’t interview there 1 year but got really high preinterview scores the year after but take is just my perception by no means do I know specifics.
  6. In my feedback letter it said the SJT is pass fail which I believe is Casper’s (situational judgment test).
  7. Very true and thank you for the advice, I of course plan on improving interview skills as much as possible as well. I just hope that if I can add to my ECs and write them better I can get 1-2 more points which would help. does anybody know if they still mark the interview out of 7 per station and they just tell us if we pass or fail without giving us our actual score?
  8. Results: reject Geography: IP GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 518 Degree: HBSc (graduating this year) EC: 4/17 Interview: passed. felt good overall definitely messed one station up and one felt weaker but enjoyed the experience.
  9. Hi so I just got my regrets from this application cycle and received an EC score of 4/17 which I think is the biggest thing holding me back. My gpa this cycle was 3.88 but I got 4.0 this year so it is now 3.92 for next cycle and I have a 518 mcat (129/129/130/130) and I also passed my interview which is why I think working towards ec’s would yield the greatest results but I’m not sure how to best increase my score. With u of a and their limited character limit this cycle I focused on describe the activity and my responsibilities and briefly what it has helped me approve upon. Does anybody have any advice? Thanks in advance and sorry for the big post just very confused on where to go from here. Summary of EC’s from this cycle: football coaching/mentoring, tutoring, two long term jobs one where I got promoted, football for years with multiple awards and captaincy, undergrad research where I got a scholarship for a paper and 2xAIHS awards, overseas volunteering for 6 weeks, youth hockey team volunteering, rugby, and then some other small but long term hobbies and volunteering things added for next year: graduate school recruitment scholarship + another grad school scholarship (starting msc), 1xAIHS declined and a NSERC USRA, pending publication in review, poster presentation at international conference and then more work and volunteer hours for some of the stuff listed above.
  10. I studied 120 hours maybe over 16 weeks since I was working and got 97th percentile. Depends on which stuff you have previous exposure to for sure but biggest advise is do lots of practice material from aamc
  11. My invite had the interview date and time in the email.
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