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  1. regretful spoon

    Reference Lettre

    Nothing from my references yet but my verifiers have been contacted, not sure if they do it at different times?
  2. regretful spoon

    Casper + Videos

    No video replay. Automatically goes to the questions as soon as it finishes
  3. Ok makes sense, thanks for the reply!
  4. Hi all, I’ve been an undergrad assistant in a lab at my school and currently have been acknowledged in a publication but I’m not one of the 4 coauthors (I joined the lab right when they were finishing it and only ran on portion of the experiments and made 1 of the figures so it wasn’t enough to get coauthor). Does being part of a publication as an acknowledgement but not being coauthor have any value to it? im mainly asking since I’ve been with the lab for 2 years and I don’t want my work to seem unproductive, most of my work won’t be recognized until later. I’m supposed to be coauthor on 2 other publications but they aren’t supposed to be done for at least just over a year so unfortunately I most likely won’t be able to add them to any applications for another 2 cycles. Aside from that I did an undergraduate poster presentation and I am supposed to do a poster at an international conference in summer. Is it worthwhile to explain this if I don’t get in this cycle? Or am I stressing over nothing.
  5. Nope there’s no separate personal question section, just personal in regards to the prompts (at least from when I wrote it).
  6. regretful spoon

    How competitive is OOP?

    Ok thanks all for the replies! This is interesting to hear I’ve never looked into their admissions requirements. For connections are they just looking for anything related maritimes? I have some extended family there but I didn’t grow up there/ my parents didn’t. Halifax is realistically somewhere I have considered living after school as well since I really enjoy the east coast, would it be valid enough bring up that I want to have a career there long term? Other then that I don’t have much else. I would love to apply even if I had a slight chance.
  7. Hi I didn’t apply this year to Dalhousie but I am considering it if I don’t get in anywhere this year. I am just curious on how competitive the OOP seats are if anyone can share, I couldn’t find any statistics about if specifically. for reference I have a 3.86 gpa on the OMSAS scale and 518 mcat currently but next year my lower 2nd year gpa wouldn’t be calculated so it would most likely go up.
  8. regretful spoon

    Top ten entry question

    Ok perfect thanks so much! I think I was just over thinking it slightly
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone had any insight into posting something in top ten that was a single event (would it be viewed as lesser since it isn’t a huge time commitment?). Essentially I volunteered at an old folks home for people with dementia playing games with them and talking to them and just doing small things over a weekend. it made a large impact on me seeing first hand what a toll various diseases related to dementia can cause to so many people and sparked an interest in neuroscience and I currently do undergrad research in a related field. This being said would a single event like this be worth it to include or do they prefer long term time commitments? I was going to write about my research separately and and then use this experience to write about other competencies, but thinking about it I’m not sure if it would be a “waste” of a top ten (even though it really meant a lot).
  10. regretful spoon

    Wgpa question

    Ok perfect that makes sense thanks, and basically I just have 3 B’s first year first semester after that it’s just some A- that would be removed. I’m from Alberta and my school it’s really hard to get A+ so most of my marks are A’s which brings my gpa down quite a lot compared to my Alberta wgpa which is above 3.9.
  11. regretful spoon

    Wgpa question

    Hi I was just a bit confused with the wgpa, do they remove your lowest FCE from each individual year? or do they remove your lowest FCE regardless of what year they are in (ex. Two lowest FCE are in first year so they both get removed). I emailed admission but though this might be faster. as well on the website is says 3.8 is considered competitive although the average gpa tends to be relatively high, my wgpa is somewhere around 3.81 or 3.84 depending on my above question. Do you think this is high enough to apply with a somewhat chance of interview? Thanks in advance