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  1. SEXY Smoking engenders xerostomia, yuck!
  2. YEAR Yellow elephants are racists.
  3. Sometimes to remember a word becomes extremely restrictive, regretfully; instead - eat strawberries!
  4. Thistimenextyear

    Ask a question for the person below you.

    Magic ftw although juggling is magical for me. How do you deal with solitude?
  5. Thistimenextyear

    Incomplete Application email

    I wrote it on Oct 14th and also has it listed as "in processing" but I did not receive an email. I was told by the office that it's okay and to wait for it to be delivered.
  6. SIDES Similar ideologies determine existing sides.
  7. DISINTEGRATES Dominant interstellar species is not too entertained; General Rath assassinates their earthling subjects.
  8. Thistimenextyear

    What time do we need to submit by on Nov 1st

    As an aside, the Casper results won't be indicated as processed until 3-4 weeks post test. So it's normal to see it as unprocessed even past November 1st if you took it late like me
  9. SMOKING Students making origamis kindles intimate nostalgic gatherings.