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  1. Montreal or Toronto (GTA) pickup. All near new conditions. Medical School Interviews 2nd edition Olivier Picard, George Lee $35 Casper SIM For the Mind Kevyn To $25 Guesstimation Lawrence Weinstein, John Adam $20 (really good prep for McGill interviewees) please msg if interested.
  2. 5 teeth isn't too little though. If you do 1 upper molar and the rest is premolars/anteriors you'd still end up with 8-10 canals... some schools in the states have much less plus the technique matters too. Not everyone does warm vertical.
  3. I'd go with McGill. It's the most cost effective. It's also located in an amazing city - especially the summer months with all the festivals is a great time. The first 1.5 years to be honest is quite a waste of time. The amount of information you learn, unless you plan to do OMFS, is overkill. Because of the reduction in preclinical training, the preclinical phase of second year is intense. Classes start at 8am and end at 5pm then most people stay behind to do additional preclinic work. People end up leaving around 9-10pm. Oh and you definitely end up coming in the weekends too. This lasts for 6-7 months in second year. Third year and fourth year is much better. French isn't a problem: you'll get English patients. But to be honest it's not hard to say open, close, turn left/right in french. You'll pick up some words and get by if you want to. The amount of exposure as a previous poster had said in ortho, perio, endo is much higher than a lot of other school. I actually don't know of any other school that does perio surgeries...we also need to do a minimum of 12 canals, most of which are on molar teeth. This is after doing many canals on extracted teeth and passing competencies. Regarding pediatric clinic, you see kids from different school and there's no fighting for kids. you also get rotations in a pediatric hospital where you'll do pulptomies, stainless steel crowns, extractions. Overall, I'd say McGill is the way to go. I got accepted at UofT + Western as well but ultimately chose McGill. Regardless of your choice - I wish you luck!
  4. Hey guys I will be doing a residency in the states. Wondering if I should open a US bank account or just open a cross-border account with RBC? If anyone has a cross-border account, does the salary from hospital gets deposited automatically into the account? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys I decided to pursue other career avenues and will be dropping my offer of acceptance. I think a new spot will open up soon at the MTL site. Best wishes!
  6. Sorry I didn't realize. I thought you were a disgruntled applicant looking for an alternative route to be accepted.
  7. Maybe you could try this “guaranteed” route?
  8. For anyone who received news they weren't hoping for, it's definitely a process that has a luck factor to it. Based on everyone's stats I am sure you are more than qualified. Don't give up - you will get in! Everyone around me who persisted (with realistic GPAs) have gotten accepted into a program. As hard as it is to hear - it's just a matter of time.
  9. sorry to hear you can email them after the interview season and request for your ranking.
  10. Thank you! When you say 4-7 calls over 4-6 weeks you mean an average of 1 call per week? How many hours would the call be? Eg starting 9am Monday ending 9am Tuesday? And for the evening rotations in Pediatric do they end at midnight? Again thank you!
  11. I am wondering to any current McGill medical students what the clerkship on call hours are like? If someone could specify how many hours or days are involved, I would appreciate it! I am a mature student with family and would like to have an idea. Thank you!
  12. It wouldn’t if the clinician is able to be evaluated and is under the care of a psychiatrist who has deemed the clinician stable and capable. And to answer your other question, I know of a great physician who also has bipolar. Not just in clinical practice but in academia research and education as well.
  13. You were able to secure the Avion Visa Infinite? I thought they only offered Platinum?
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