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  1. There usually is a separate group
  2. this might be too early but when will there usually be a Facebook group created for the incoming class?
  3. I think you will get refund for deposit up to June 15th.
  4. TIME STAMP: 11:00am  Result: Admitted with condition. pre-reqGPA: 3.92 MCAT: Not submitted. Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): You can see in my post history that I really thought I didn’t perform well especially in one station that I pretty much bombed. But I guess you never know! Year: 5th year undergrad IP/OOP/International: IP Good luck to others still waiting to hear back!
  5. Thistimenextyear

    Post-interview impressions

    I definitely bombed 1 station hard. And didn’t do so well on a few other stations (didn’t know what was the point...) and now I’m having flashbacks which I really hope would just go away. I just want to keep busy and not think about it. having said that I thought it was very well organized and the overall experience was positive.
  6. Thistimenextyear

    McGill M.D.,C.M. Interview Invites / Regrets 2019

    Where did you see the expected # of spots is 79 for IP? Thank you
  7. Thistimenextyear

    McGill M.D.,C.M. Interview Invites / Regrets 2019

    If anyone is located in Montreal and would like to practice, pm me pls! Thanks
  8. Thistimenextyear

    Interview dates

    Invited :) yay!
  9. Thistimenextyear

    Interview dates

    Someone from the forum? I thought it was for DMD - guess I was mistaken. The wait continues....
  10. DOCTORS Dancing octopus cannot touch our revealing starfish!
  11. Thistimenextyear

    Interview dates

    I agree - not likely today.
  12. SEXY Smoking engenders xerostomia, yuck!
  13. YEAR Yellow elephants are racists.
  14. Sometimes to remember a word becomes extremely restrictive, regretfully; instead - eat strawberries!
  15. Thistimenextyear

    Ask a question for the person below you.

    Magic ftw although juggling is magical for me. How do you deal with solitude?