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  1. Hello Premed, I was looking to get some advice from people on this forum. I am a current dental student at a Canadian University and I'm contemplating on whether I should continue. I found that my hand skills weren't the best and I really struggled to get through practicals in 1st and 2nd year. I've been doing really well on the didactic side of things and my class rank is in the top 15%. However, every single semester I need remedial work for hand skills and I'm always the last one to understand or pick up on practical work. I'm not sure what to do and the school has kept saying "it will get better with time". I'm not sure whether I have the mental capacity to continue and I feel like I'm trapped to continue otherwise I don't have anything else to go back too. I've always wanted to do dentistry, applied 3 times and got in. But going through it and doing practicals day in and day out makes me frustrated more often than not. When trying to look for alternate careers through google, nothing appeases me and I feel so lost. I don't know what to do or where to go next. I start school next week again but I have 3 weeks to decide to drop out and get my money back for this year. I just i don't know how to move forward and what the best course of action is. My parents and family have been supportive and said I can always look for something else and start over since I'm young but its not easy trying to go into something else and giving up on this. Its just conflicting and I just need some guidance from someone who felt like this...
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