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  1. So I would like to use a non-work related person to verify for my previous job. To sum it up, my boss was a dick and I've nuked a few bridges regarding coworkers lol. So people who can verify (that know I worked that job) have no way to actually prove it. Is this ok? They don't have payslips or anything obviously...
  2. So for a few international activities the only legit verifies I have cannot speak English. I have other people that can verify, but they really don't know the extent of those particular activities. Any advice on how to proceed? A written email or something should probably be ok, but a phone call with admissions staff would go nowhere lol. The issue is with spoken English rather than written. I am sure many of you with international contacts can understand haha
  3. Will admission be able to see my old entries? I realized I awkwardly phrased a few sections, and I want to edit them to improve the descriptions, but I'm worried that admissions might think I'm just making stuff up. Also I would like to correct a few hours entries as well.
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