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  1. Hi Guys, a quick question, out of all the dental schools in Canada is Western University the only school which looks at your best two years??
  2. Hi Guys, I am entering my fifth year at McMaster University and I have already written the DAT in which I scored a 22. I am a Canadian student and the applications made in Canadian Dental schools are made through their own online application portal, they do not have a single portal like US (AADSAS). So basically when you apply to Canadian dental schools you just go on their website and upload your transcripts which the admissions committee can see. My issue is that I had a horrible first year due to my mom going into severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety which caused me to constantly travel back and forth from university to take care of all her appointments which ultimately resulted in me in failing the first year and kicked out. However, after presenting proof of my mom's illness and taking summer courses after the first year in which I got 3.7+ in all my courses, I was successfully reinstated/readmitted into my program straight into the second year and my GPA was reset to 0 at my school. From then I got a 3.0 in my second year, 3.12 in my third year, 3.95 in my fourth year and a 4.0 in my fifth year. I have great LORs from profs and volunteer supervisors and ECs. When applying to US dental schools I know applications and transcript grades are inputted through AADSAS and my transcripts will show my first-year grades and it will also show I was reinstated into my second year. My questions is, how does AADSAS display your grades to US dental schools?? Does it take all of your grades and spit out a cumulative and science GPA ?? Or do they categorize your grades year by year ??? I was relying on the fact that US dental schools will be able to see my strong upward trend and now I am just panicking if all this work is worth it if AADSAS will only send a Grade and not the whole transcripts for schools to see how I have progressed. Will US dental schools see everything like my GPA in my second, third, fourth, and fifth year or do AADSAS only send cumulative and science GPA ?? Any info or insight on this would really be helpful. I know I am competitive for Western but that seems like the only school I have a shot at which is why I am considering US schools. But even at US schools I am not sure how they receive your GPA, are they able to see the upward trend especailly the last two years ??? Or do they just receive the AADSAS GPA.
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