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  1. Hey, Did you guys update your references on getting into med school? I haven't talked to any of my references since I asked them to write my letters for me and I don't regularly talk to them. Should I send them an update on my acceptance?
  2. Is an iPad necessary? I only have a laptop and thought that would be enough but a lot of people seem to be getting iPads. Should I also get a tablet/ipad?
  3. Whichever one is the shortest... I've always found these to be so cringey.
  4. Hey, Does anyone know when McMaster sends out bursary information? Or other information about financial awards?
  5. I want the burgundy one! But the other colours look good as well
  6. You should probably ask OMSAS to be 100% sure but I would think it's 11.59 pm. Also keep in mind it's EST timezone.
  7. When do they typically announce the colour? And when do they typically give them out to students?
  8. Housing situation seems unclear for now considering the COVID situation and the fact that we'll be starting online. You probably won't even be able to see places in person right now. When do students typically start looking for LOCs?
  9. Maybe they don't want to tell your waitlist rank because it's more work for them? IDK. Everytime someone declines, wouldn't they have to update you on where you rank?
  10. Some people are getting a little too obsessed with hating on Mac. Interviews are not perfect. A lot of bad people can still fake their way through interviews. And a lot of good people can perform not so great on their interview. Btw, I believe a Dalhousie med student murdered someone. It doesn't make me think any less of the school or of their students.
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