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  1. Umm if your aboriginal you should look at all schools in Canada. I'm pretty sure they all have special and much more lax cutt-offs for aboriginal ppl. Doesn't one school in the west accept you if you just meet the minimum cutoffs? Was it Manitoba? Idk. But ya if your aboriginal I'm pretty sure your gonna have a pretty good chance at any school.
  2. The most likely explanation is the simplest and most logical one. You were rejected pre interview because other applicants were better and had what uoft was looking for more than you. It might not make sense to you but you don't know how good other ppls applications were. You might be overrating your own essays and EC's . It's competitive.
  3. You could've just said you were sick and got a doctor's note... Ppl do this for exams they have no reason to miss.
  4. takasugi

    Looking for summer student

  5. takasugi

    Post-interview thoughts 2019

    Majorly fucked up one station LMFAO. I feel so much cringe thinking about this station lol. Two stations went excellent as they were questions I had exactly practiced. Two other ones I feel I struggled with. The rest idk and was hard to judge but felt fine. Can't say I'm confident lol.
  6. takasugi

    OMSAS Transcript Issue (URGENT)

    Probably shouldve put it on OMSAS? I think it would affect your GPA calculations for schools like McMaster that take all courses into consideration... I'm not sure. I have nightmares about this kind of thing lol.
  7. Hey, I recently got accepted for a poster presentation after I submitted an abstract. Would it be appropriate for me to ask for a day off from work to attend this or is it not that important? I was first author on the paper. The organization I work at is the same as the organization where I wrote and published this paper but I'm in another city now and obviously working with another researcher on other research projects. I've never done a poster presentation before either. Just don't know if this would be appropriate. Opinions?
  8. I thought you weren't able to submit the application if you didn't verify your email?
  9. takasugi

    excuse my ignorance

    I think it opens for registration in feb for the summer dates.
  10. takasugi

    Interview invites delayed

    What was the target date before? Didn't even know that this kind of info was on their website lol.
  11. Nice sentiment but everybody is not gonna make it.
  12. I'm pretty sure it says that for everyone. I don't think it means that your on an interview waitlist.
  13. Ya I received rejection at 11.06 am. English stream.
  14. takasugi

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    Alcohol could have impaired his judgement as well. Just saying. But yeah, sometimes the most horrible people are good at charming, socializing and getting into prestigious professions. Know a couple people in my life who are horrible but have talked their way into good positions. Also, wasn't there some medical student from Dalhousie (i think? I think it was in Eastern Canada) who murdered someone?
  15. takasugi

    Poster presentation

    Hi, Just curious about poster presentations: if you have co-authors (who are Profs/Phds) who is typically chosen to present? Is it usually the first author who is a student or is it the person who is more experienced/educated but is a later author?