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  1. Hey, hope you did well! Question I had - was it closed file or open file?
  2. I haven't heard about this. Wouldn't it be weird if they start timing you after you start talking? Is one of the interviewers timing you or some other person? Idk, doesn't seem true but I haven't interviewed at Western before so I don't know. I also think they would've mentioned that? They might cut you off if you talk too long though (but I think that's the case for any panel interview)
  3. Does anyone know which interviews in Ontario are open file and closed file? Specifically Toronto, Ottawa, McMaster, and Western?
  4. Yeah I decided to do back-to back. I have two interviews earlier in the month anyways so I'll have time to reflect on those before these two. And yeah, London and Hamilton aren't that far so the travel is less of a burden.
  5. Teachers are really entitled as fuck. You hit the nail on the head. Look at their benefits, pensions (very very juicy pensions), job security, job flexibility, vacation (2 months off in the summer, march break, winter break), don't even need to be highly educated (I had some dumbass teachers in school). Yes, they have very important jobs in terms of educating and enriching the next generation of youth. But, they are rewarded generously (imo too much) for this and yet they still bitch every other year. Reason imo is that they have very, very strong unions. Unions are a big problem in Canada and have really morphed into something beyond they were intended for. Some of these unions are just straight up psycho.
  6. I received it as well and I got my first choice. Do you guys know what the most popular dates and times are? Just curious. I would assume the later dates and probably in the afternoon?
  7. I got 4/5 interviews this year whereas last year I only got 1/4. I think it's kind of luck. For example, the UofT questions this year we're way better suited for me and easier for me compared to last year's questions.
  8. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 12:37 PM Location: IP MCAT: 513 (128/130/126/129) cGPA/2yr GPA: 3.98-4.0ish Current year: working after masters ECs: pretty average
  9. Hi, I'm scheduling my western interview where I can choose my preferred date/time. I have a Mac interview on March 28. I was thinking of scheduling my Western interview on the day after my Mac interview so the 29th. You guys think this is a bad idea? It would give me an extra couple of weeks to practice. The other option is the first week of March.
  10. Volunteer full-time hours for the chance to be on a publication? Seems like you're trying to take advantage of desperate premeds. From your limited job description, it sounds like you'll be most likely asking them to do pretty basic tasks and you probably already know that it won't be sufficient enough work to result in a co-author publication for the poor, gullible premed.
  11. Just FYI, there's a lifetime limit on how many times you can take the MCAT. I believe its seven times. I think you should make sure you're scoring well on the practice tests before you write again.
  12. If you grew up in foster care, some schools reserve spots for people who've been disadvantaged in their life. Western has the ACCESS pathway. Ottawa has a Social Accountability Initiative. I believe Calgary also has something. I don't know much about them as I don't really fit the criteria but just letting you know since I think you are what they seem to be looking for. Also, considering your living/working in a remote Northern area, apply to NOSM.
  13. Why are they doing this to us? I just wanna know. This is the only Ontario school left.
  14. TIME STAMP: Jan. 30/2020 (1:53 pm EST) Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): Feb 29 (MD) Result: Invite cGPA: 3.95ish (i don't really know lol) MCAT: 513 ECs: Decent. Nothing spectacular. I guess my work and research experience would be the strongest. The rest of my ECs are not that great. Essays: I guess fine? I don't really see myself as a great writer. Year: Working after Masters Geography: IP Surprised to get this interview
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