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  1. To be fair, people are just trying to do the best they can in the current system. It's not premeds' fault that you need a 3.90+ GPA to be competitive, especially in Ontario. Even a 3.8, which is a good GPA, puts you at a disadvantage.
  2. What is your position relative to them? Do they supervise you or are you more like co-workers? Personally, I think it's fine as well. I feel like some people get a little too neurotic about choosing referees and overthink things.
  3. Thanks haha. I think I got lucky as I only have one publication on a very specific topic. The email said something like "due to your expertise in XXXX we would like to invite you to peer review blah blah blah" and I'm thinking what expertise are they talking about, I don't have any expertise in anything haha. The journal that asked me to peer review was actually going to be my 2nd choice to submit to if my initial submission of my manuscript was rejected lol.
  4. The associate editor of the journal emailed me randomly one day to review the paper (I thought it was junk mail at first but recognized the journal name lol). I don't think I could ask him as I've never met him and i doubt he'd remember me lmao. I guess I'll tell my boss about it and see if he'll be able to act as the verifier next year. Thanks for your help.
  5. Who did you put down as the verifier? And I've only reviewed one manuscript so far. Unsure if I'll do more.
  6. I have peer reviewed a manuscript for a reputable journal (impact factor ~3). Do you think this would be appropriate to include on my OMSAS application?
  7. I think last year's is posted on their website. I think they will post this year's in January? Not sure. Reading from the previous thread the cutoffs are included in the invite/regrets email which come out late January? Im also nervous as I have a fugly 126 in BB lol (130 cars tho haha)
  8. Ya it's a good place to start with if your not familiar with ethics and this is your first time thinking about medical ethics. Real MMI situations are more challenging and more varied.
  9. Did anyone else receive this email after submitting to OMSAS? You have successfully submitted your application. Your OUAC/OMSAS reference number is 2020-XXXXXX. Notes: Revisions and/or additions to the school submissions will not be accepted in any format, now that your application has been submitted. You must complete the "Review and Submit" process in order for transcript requests, responses to offers, or changes to personal or contact information to be processed. You will see a confirmation number on your screen once you have successfully completed this process. Beginning in November, you will have access to your OMSAS GPA calculations. You are responsible for reporting any required changes to their academic record by December 3, 2019. For more information on how GPA is calculated, visit OMSAS-GPA Calculations. Thank you, The OMSAS Team What does the second point about review and submit mean? Didn't we already do this? When I login into my OMSAS now it says document tracking.
  10. Probably not. Seems more like something they ask so they can collect data on reapplicants. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. It seems like a stupid rule but maybe they do this because they want to reduce bias. You can tell when someone is non-white or male/female from their name.
  12. I don't have the biochem prereq and I'm going to put down the biochem course at my undergrad school for Jan 2020 although I'm most likely to do it at Athatbasca or online. Not really sure how else to do it, lol.
  13. My university posts syllabuses of their courses online so I linked them to that. I've never seen any instructions or requirements but I think it should be on your university's website and adequately describe the course so that UofT can determine whether it fulfills the pre-req or not. I think what you did is fine.
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