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  1. UofT probably is BC a lot of keeners and gunners go there At the school I go to, I was pleasantly surprised at how much everyone tries to help one another, share resources, etc
  2. You should learn to take responsibility. All I hear in this thread is that it was the instructors fault that you got a bad mark. I find it very unlikely that your instructor would give you a bad mark for no reason.... You probably underestimated the course, thought it would be easy, and got a reality check.
  3. Changes your background so it feels like your being spied on. Restart made my background black... It's no longer a picture of a cute cat
  4. Quarms was stupid to begin with, atleast this makes it less stupid. If you look up the people in Quarms, most of them come from rich, privileged backgrounds. I was surprised by how many of them were coming from private schools. Even in normal med students, I am kinda shocked at how many private school kids I've seen/met. Indigenous people already have an advantage at most schools. So I don't get the point of this change. I just see this as another pathetic attempt by the school to appear more "diverse" and "accepting". Queens has a reputation for being a really white school so they are probably trying to change it. Unfortunately Black and Indigenous kids are not the only ones facing challenges. There are East Asian and South Asian communities that face a lot of barriers. Asians extends beyond Chinese and Indian people y'know.... It should be based on SES, not race.
  5. Applying to one school is such a bad idea. Also, Queen's criteria is so weird and unknown. You might get an interview one year, improve your app but not get an interview the next year. If you are serious about medicine and want to target one school, move to a province that's easier to get into and tailor your app for that school. Go to the North if you can (you will get an advantage at multiple schools), or go to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Maritimes. Even BC. Get out of Ontario.
  6. Immediately. The LOC showed up in my account 1-2 days after I signed the paperwork.
  7. I personally don't think reference letters for med school matter much. I would guess that most schools use them to identify red flags. They probably aren't that helpful for this anyways as its rare for a referee to write bad stuff about the applicant. They probably don't do full references anymore because schools have realized how useless they are. It's good that 3 refs are still a part of the application process because it shows that you made connections with at least 3 individuals who are willing to advocate for you but beyond that, I don't see them being an important part. I think only UofT may consider the quality of them but I'm not sure to what extent.
  8. Hey, Did you guys update your references on getting into med school? I haven't talked to any of my references since I asked them to write my letters for me and I don't regularly talk to them. Should I send them an update on my acceptance?
  9. Is an iPad necessary? I only have a laptop and thought that would be enough but a lot of people seem to be getting iPads. Should I also get a tablet/ipad?
  10. Whichever one is the shortest... I've always found these to be so cringey.
  11. Hey, Does anyone know when McMaster sends out bursary information? Or other information about financial awards?
  12. I want the burgundy one! But the other colours look good as well
  13. You should probably ask OMSAS to be 100% sure but I would think it's 11.59 pm. Also keep in mind it's EST timezone.
  14. When do they typically announce the colour? And when do they typically give them out to students?
  15. Housing situation seems unclear for now considering the COVID situation and the fact that we'll be starting online. You probably won't even be able to see places in person right now. When do students typically start looking for LOCs?
  16. Maybe they don't want to tell your waitlist rank because it's more work for them? IDK. Everytime someone declines, wouldn't they have to update you on where you rank?
  17. Some people are getting a little too obsessed with hating on Mac. Interviews are not perfect. A lot of bad people can still fake their way through interviews. And a lot of good people can perform not so great on their interview. Btw, I believe a Dalhousie med student murdered someone. It doesn't make me think any less of the school or of their students.
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