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  1. I personally used DAT Bootcamp and their recommendations. It was somewhere in the range of $250, but I figured it was worth it compared to most other options. Biology was covered using AP Cliff's Biology 3rd edition (Free PDF) and Feralis' notes (Free). Chemistry, RC, and PAT were all covered by DAT Bootcamp fairly well. Overall, I had a great experience using their service. They had a 10-week schedule you could use that specified exactly what you needed to cover. Whenever you got a question wrong, they would have a detailed explanation available to explain why their answer is correct, and in most cases, will also explain why the others were wrong. This was especially helpful for PAT. I also used DAT Destroyer since my friend let me borrow their copy of it.
  2. I personally typed them out, but that was purely because of time constraints. If I had the time to, I would have preferred to write them out as I feel that I retain information better that way. But in the end, choose whichever method works best for you. I can't say for certain. I also used DAT Bootcamp as a resource, so I may be mixing up some of the information covered, but I felt like I had a decent understanding of those two sections. Remember that the DAT isn't extremely in-depth; most of the questions they ask are simple multiple choice questions and you have to do answer retrieval. They're not going to be asking you to write out in-depth paragraphs and short answer questions. I certainly could have gone to my physiology/anatomy notes from the class I took in university, but I felt that my time was better spent practicing PAT and RC.
  3. I don't know too much about Dalhousie since I only applied to Canadian universities, so I won't comment on that. With regards to your question about GPA cutoffs, in my rejection letter from University of Toronto, they noted that they had over 500 applicants and the average GPA of those interviewed was 3.93, with an AA score of 22 and PAT of 20. This link also shows admission statistics for the past few years at UBC.
  4. I wrote my DAT in 2017 and I found that Cliff's AP 3rd and Feralis' notes are more than enough to cover the material for the DAT. I primarily used DAT Bootcamp for PAT and RC, however the practice tests were a useful checkpoint to assess my progress for biology and chemistry as well. They have multiple full-length tests you can practice with, as well as single section tests you can do as well. If I remember correctly, I think they have 10 single section tests. DAT Destroyer was also fairly useful, however, I used it moreso for the chemistry section as opposed to the biology section. It's fairly expensive, and I don't think it's entirely necessary. However, if you can find a used one for a cheaper price (~$100), I'd go for it. With regards to how I studied for the biology section, I made chapter notes for Cliff's and reviewed them fairly regularly. I'd do the practice questions in DAT Bootcamp and Destroyer to assess how I was doing throughout. I didn't use Feralis' chapter notes at all, but the taxonomy sheet was extremely useful. I generally left that one as is and just studied it off of the page.