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  1. Guys, just a reminder, please please please DO post your stats for current/future references.... it helps like we could never imagine... i start with mine and will edit this post once results are out: Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: TBD cGpa: 4.0 sGpa: 4.0  thoughts on MMI: this is a grey area imo, tried to answer as thoughtfully as I could, one or two stations did throw me off a little bit, felt great about 5-6 stations. Overall satisfied with how I performed, then again, I’m not sure what they are “specifically” looking for... IP/OOP: OOP  Year/degree if obtained: UG completed
  2. One more day guys/viewers/lurkers
  3. 123321123321

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Any idea if results are coming out today ?
  4. Good luck this week everyone
  5. 123321123321

    DMD mcgill

    Last year, they released the results two days prior to the announced target date. It was a Monday when they released the results.
  6. Hey guys, Nothing to be scared of, just thought results are coming out next week and it’s good to get this thread up and running. Accepted/Refused/Waitlisted: cGpa: sGpa: thoughts on MMI: IP/OOP: Year/degree if obtained: Good luck everyone one
  7. Thanks for your response and Congrats
  8. Hey guys ! Just looking to see if/how many roughly already got offers from UofT and wouldn’t be accepting Mcgill’s offer, should they receive one ....
  9. 123321123321

    science GPA for DENT

    Oop. There were either 30 or 31 oop interviewed last year and I came in last post-interview. I wasn’t waitlisted.
  10. 123321123321

    science GPA for DENT

    I hope so too... it’s now 4.0, so hopefully it’ll work out for me this year... and of course everyone else
  11. 123321123321

    science GPA for DENT

    Mine was 3.02 last year... first time I did mmi EVER, but I’m sure my answers weren’t as mature and my overal ranking after the interview was 30 out of 30, or maybe 31/31 even though my pre-interview ranking was 10. How you interpret this, I’d like to know too
  12. Don’t agree with this... you never know how well you did on the interview and once you get refused, still you wouldn’t know if it was sGPA or the MMI that held you back. Just my two cents
  13. 123321123321

    UofT DDS acceptance/waitlist/reject 2019

    Interested to know as well....
  14. 123321123321

    McGill DMD Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Did everyone get an email with a handout attached ?