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  1. Hey! No accepted to their QY. I’m from Ontario. I have a masters degree so my GPA went from 3.85 to 3.95 (McGill adds 0.1 if you have a masters).
  2. Hey! This is only my undergraduate grades:) yes you are correct.
  3. Applied: PT @ Western, Queens & McGill. Accepted: McGill Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: s-GPA is 3.85. Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have a Master of Human Kinetics, and studied psychosocial correlates of gross motor competency in children. I was a Research Assistant and piloted the development of a computerized gross motor skill assessment tool to detect motor disorders in children. I have 700 hours of experience working in a Physical Therapy clinic as a CSEP-CPT. I led four community health initiatives through the Healthy Kids Community Challenge and helped 6,000 children in our community build self-efficacy to make healthy lifestyle choices. I taught Sports Sociology at Collège Boréal. I did a premedical internship abroad. I currently work as a researcher and policy-maker in Public Health. I volunteered as a Falls Prevention Facilitator. First time applicant wanting a career change. I think my references are strong and I have a strong application overall. I'm a mature student for those wondering (26 yo).
  4. Mo.Physio

    Preparing for CASPER

    I'm in the same boat, looking for some good reads/materials beyond the tips provided on the CASPER website. Thank you
  5. Hey PeaTea30! I'm really enjoying your videos, thanks! I noticed you did your undergrad at Western. I'm applying to both Western and Queen's this year for PT. Do you have any advice for an applicant to either of these schools? What are the differences between each school in regards to what they are looking for in an applicant? I've heard that Western is heavily focused in Orthopedics. Looking forward to hearing from you
  6. Mo.Physio

    Future PT students

    Hi! I'm looking to apply to Western, Queens, Mac, uOttawa and McGill for PT. Top choice would be Western and second Queens. Do you have any recommendations on what each school looks for in their candidates? My sGPA is between 3.8 and 3.9. I have a Masters in Human Kinetics with lots of research experience.
  7. Have any PT/OT students out there written Casper for the Professional Health Sciences? I think Dal students have had to in the past. Any recommendations on how to prepare, what to expect, resources? I'm looking to apply to Western's PT program which now requires Casper.