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  1. You seem like a great applicant from your post, I am so sorry! But I am sure you will get in somewhere!
  2. Do you mind posting your stats for future applicants? Thank you.
  3. Hey, yes I have, and about last week. Yep, I also asked them to check their spam/junk I'm just worried because lurking on the forums it seems everyone has at least 3 or 4 verifiers checked. I also applied to the MD/ Ph.D. program so I am wondering if maybe that's why?
  4. Hi, I was wondering is it odd to only have 1 verifier? Has anyone gotten an interview with 1 verifier contacted? Thank you very much
  5. Did anyone apply to the MD/PhD program, I still have no verifiers contacted?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know what to do if you are continuing an activity but it says on the guide that it must be completed before June? This doesn't make sense? I would really appreciate the help, Thanks!
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