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  1. Hey does Krista k trobst use TB for her health Psyc class? What other upper year Psyc classes for sure use TB ?
  2. Hey all. How are y'all doing? Is anyone from Canada applying to the US next cycle for podiatry. I have emailed a bunch of schools( don't have the list en with me ATM) and some of them replied back saying that they do accept Canadian students. But I'm still pretty iffy about applying there because I still haven't started shadowing a podiatrist. If any of you have worked under a podiatrist or know one hmu.
  3. @786hunter are you talking about Biol 3060 and 3070 ? Because paluzzi only teaches 3070 as far as I know. Backx is teaching 3060. Do you have any tips and reviews of the prof and tips in general for the course? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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