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    DNAhelicase reacted to hihi1234 in May 14 Countdown   
    Great! For all of us who were trying to sleep and wake up to decisions, this just made our lives so much easier 
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    DNAhelicase reacted to billy55555 in May 14 Countdown   
    Does TDR maybe mean Toronto Downtown Region
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    DNAhelicase reacted to MEDusa in M.D., C.M. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted - Fall 2019 Admission   
    I got my refusal at 9:00.
    It's utterly devastating because we give it our all and seek every opportunity to improve ourselves on an academic and personal level, yet we still get disappointing news. 
    Being a doctor is all I have ever wanted since a long long time, and I worked so hard to get to where I am right now, but it's just not the right time yet. 
    To whomever will receive decieving news today, know that it's not a matter of your competence or capacities. We are all excellent and unique candidates, and a lot of factors come into play, such as luck or having a bad day. Do not lose sight of who you are and keep your chin up. 
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    DNAhelicase reacted to MedP111 in McGill M.D.,C.M. Interview Invites / Regrets 2019   
    Congratulations to all who got an interview! Try to start looking into the MMI process and preparing early, time really flies! There are plenty of resources lying around the forum, so take advantage of that. For those looking for more MMI questions to prepare with, try googling "korean premed mmi questions", you should find a pretty big list. Psychologically preparing yourself for emotionally/socially uncomfortable/awkward situations and remaining calm under all circumstances are really key, so try yourself at these sample scenarios and whatever else you can find until you feel like you're ready to take on whatever they might throw at you when the big day comes around.
    Also very happy to see some familiar usernames from last year I really really hope it works out for you guys this year.
    To the applicants who didn't get an invite this year and are really disappointed right now, I hope you'll feel better soon. It's an unreasonably competitive process, so while you should take a step back and re-evaluate, especially when the stats come out later in the cycle, you also really shouldn't let this result affect your sense of self-worth. Most importantly, don't let this hurdle put your life on pause; keep living life to the fullest outside of medicine, and the rest will fall in place.
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