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  1. This is extremely disappointing. I wonder if they will use Fall 2019 grade as the grade for the entire year or are they just gonna exclude the year altogether...
  2. I emailed them and asked about what the predictive cut-off might be and their response wasn't too helpful: MCAT cut-offs are determined by the quality of the applicant pool and therefore may vary from year to year. We cannot predict what the minimums will be ahead of time. That information will be available once everyone within this year’s application cycle has been assessed and then determined. If you are uncertain whether your scores will be competitive or you feel you could improve your scores by writing the MCAT again, that would be your decision. Only applications that meet all of our academic requirements will proceed to non-academic assessment. It is true what they are saying but this basically means unless you get 129+ in all sections, you have no idea what the cut off might be.
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