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  1. Hi Guys, Anyone have any recommendations for a LOC advisor in Calgary and/or which bank to go with? I will be attending Queen's University this Fall.
  2. Have you guys checked your junk/clutter mail? That’s where their email ended up for me.
  3. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Which day to select for the interview?

    Just wondering, U of C let’s you pick an interview date and doesn’t just give you one, correct?
  4. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Recommended Hours of studying per week

    Definitely agree with Edict, sustainability above all else. Also, maybe split up the studying blocks? Not sure an 8 hour study period is the most effective use of your time, its unlikely that anyone can focus that long and stay productive.
  5. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Question about referees

    That could very well be the case. I'm glad everything turned out alright !
  6. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Referee Received Confirmation?

    It took about a week after they said they submitted. As long as the referee has proof of submitting before the deadline I'm sure you can contact OMSAS and sort everything out.
  7. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Referee Received Confirmation?

    All of mines updated to received by last week.
  8. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Submission issue?

    Yeah same thing for me for the date submitted.I also got the confirmation email as well so should be all good.
  9. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Submission issue?

    I have the same thing and I submitted over the weekend.
  10. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Issues With Ottawa URL Submission

    Thats what they told me. You can try messaging them as well to confirm. When you copy the URL into the search bar does it just lead to a search engine search? Thats what it is doing with me.
  11. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Issues With Ottawa URL Submission

    Same thing happened with me for Ottawa and Toronto. I used the SAM to inquire and they said that entering it automatically changes the format such that someone reviewing the file can access the exact URL but you copy and pasting what you put into a web brower will not work. Hope that helps.
  12. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Verifier for awards

    Yup. Put office of the registrar for first and last name and listed their email in the comments section.
  13. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Verifier for awards

    I just put the office of the registrar as they handle all awards at my university and they would be able to verify them if contacted.
  14. iSpawnTrapInMW2

    Course Level Question

    Perfect! Thats what I was hoping for. No worries on the late response, thanks for the help!