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  1. do dermatology programs look at research in derm that was done prior to med school (ex. during undergrad or grad school), or do they exclude it when they are looking at your application?
  2. i don't think the stats are incorrect, more people with 3.9+ were accepted this year and the acceptees were younger. this was the first time that the old mcat wasn't used, so you can see the complete distribution of the verbal scores. there were also less and less people with less than 3.8.
  3. there seems to be some errors on the doc, like it says on the bottom btw like it says 'Number admitted to the Class of 2020'. and the number of bachelors in progress and completed must have been switched.
  4. schpurp88

    Consultation Fee as a GP

    yeah, I had questions about this too. Are the consulatation fees the same for derm and family. I think they both should be around 30 dollars right.
  5. schpurp88

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    aahh thanks for the info budzz. Yeah i know derm is high volume and often its the same cases coming in and its very procedural. I still want to something outpatient, that has some relation to derm. I thought internal medicine would be similar to my needs and will allow me to learn more about derm related things, esp since most people who are learners of medicine go into internal. Otherwise I might do family med with a focus in derm and high volume work.
  6. schpurp88

    Speciality Closest to Derm

    idk, I don't like being a generalist as supposed to a specialist, and I wouldn't like seeing 25 patients a day. If I do an internal medicine subspeciality, I like that I would have less patients and become more specialized and make the same amount
  7. Buds, i recently developed an interest in derm especially in terms of the content (not as much the procedural aspect). Derm is also mad competitive, so im not trynna kill myself to get into it. What is a specialty that is close to derm in terms of content? I was thinking doing internal and then allergy or immunology or infectious diseases. I know i can build a gp practice with a focus in derm, but that doesn't appeal to me.