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  1. Thank you French press. Do people sell their second hand books- is that a thing? thanks so much for clearing that up!
  2. Ok so I checked and it works out to a 3.6 GPA (of my calculations are correct) i have an MCAT question. It will obviously be in my best interest to start studying for that ASAP. I read up and understand as follows: 1) study 2) register when you ready 3) write my question is: how do you know WHAT to study? Where do you get the study material/books from? Do you get it when you register? Sorry if this is silly?
  3. Ah I must check how yours is calculated then. No, Wes doesn’t provide a GPA score
  4. LOVE this threat! im 36. I have two kids, 4 & 2. We just immigrated to Canada from South Africa. im crazy and I’m going this ps- I’m an accountant
  5. Yes! It equates to 4.7 GPA. I hoping the fact that I have a professional qualification (accountant) and 10 yrs leadership experience will count in my favour.
  6. Thank you so much for you encouragement. My hubby is very supportive and encouraging. I realize that this will prob take a toll on my family but I did my undergrad degree as an adult student so I’m aware and expecting the road to get rough. But its worth it and I want this. As I said, we just immigrated so it’s a fresh start so rather do this now then later. Love that there is people older than me doing this lol!
  7. Anyone that applied with a foreign degree that would be willing to chat with me? i won’t be a pest - promise!
  8. i Actually have done that as part of my immigration process - and it does. i suppose I just have to figure out exactly what to submit
  9. Thank you so much for the kind encouragement! do you perhaps know how I need to have my overseas degree assessed?
  10. So...please tell me that I’m crazy im 36, married with two little kids and a qualified accountant. We just immigrated to Canada and I can’t stop thinking that this might now be possible with all that Canada offers. am I too old?!
  11. Hey guys! any advise on what program would be the best prep for someone that doesn’t come from a science/bio background? is there used/second hand options? Not sure I’d thata a thing
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