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  1. Ok so I'm not a premed and this is the first time I'm coming to these forums actually, but anyways. Class of 2021 here. Going great so far. Only week two, but the more outgoing type people seem to already have formed cliques. The quieter people are hanging out in small pairs or groups of 3 with people that they know from before. I'm an introvert, but I know and am friendly with enough people that I can chat with them before and after lecture, but how on earth do you go from that to hanging out outside of class? How do you move from friendly acquaintances to friends? Especially when those friendly acquaintances are already friends with each other and hang out themselves. I can't insert myself or force-invite myself. I also know there's other people out there who are feeling a little lonely or isolated but there's no way to find these people because nobody's going to post on Facebook about it (look at me, being anonymous!)
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