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  1. Interested in doing an internal medicine residency but would like to know how many hours does average resident/ week? What is work life balance in an internal medicine residency? Do u need a fellowship after rheumatology residency?
  2. That’s true for academic dermatologists, not for community dermatologists
  3. How do they differ? Competitiveness of each? Jobs? Renumeration? Which one is better overall?
  4. You know some people have families and children, or elderly parents to take care of? Uprooting when u r in ur late 20s is NOT easy.. it’s not abt lack of gratitude or resilience, but these people have responsibilities beside school I have not gone thru Carms yet, will go thru it next year, and it’s a tough experience!
  5. I did my first core rotations in surgery last month and when I sent my evaluations to preceptor: one said that I have excellent knowledge base and the other said that I have knowledge deficiencies in surgery and could get better with reading. Im u of c student and I just started clerckship and was wondering how does that affect medical records and what are ways to deal with knowledge deficiencies early in clerckship
  6. Do preceptors offer u one? I have not been offered one but they just said that I was keen with strong sense of Responsibility with good clinical knowledge
  7. Prior to medicine, I used to feel smart, and I used to get things done without much effort... however, now, I feel that I have to work hard to get good grades, do other people feel the same way? How to work in smart way to not put in a lot of effort into studying but still get good grades?
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