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  1. I am just beginning second year at Mac and I started shadowing in a surgical specialty, and I often get asked questions that I cant answer.... For instance, I got asked about toxicity from local anesthetics and I didn’t know the answer so I guessed palpitations and Nervous system dysfunction, and I always get asked specific questions and sometimes I don’t know the answer. How can I deal with this? How can students do better? I have always done well in my school exams but it seems that I can’t do well when shadowing..
  2. Assuming u will graduate with 60k in debt,, how easy it is to get a mortgage? How much savings do u need? Do u need to pay off ur debt?
  3. I have been getting mostly satisfactory and few outstanding in my clinical encounter evaluations and I was wondering how can I improve myself to get more outstanding evaluations!!
  4. Ppl keep saying that if u don’t have a personality issue, u will match to your first choice. What does personality issue mean?
  5. I was talking to a mentor in internal medicine and he told me that doctors who do research are less paid than ones that do clinical work. Is that true ?
  6. What resources to use to prepare for clerkship? Question banks that are helpful?
  7. I hear ya. Medicine is so long and can be isolating at times. My partner and I are both in med school, and we spend most of the time with each other studying and working, but barely have time to reach out to our family and friends. We made a pact that once we finish residency we will both work part time so we have time to spend with our family and friends, but we will be 30 by then, and we won’t have our youth back. I wonder how feasible it is to only work part time and still make ends meet, pay debt, mortgage? I know of ppl who once finished residency had to still work hard to payoff their debt, mortgage, etc.. I wonder if that’s what most people have to do, or do most people get a break after residency and are able to have more time for leisure activities, spending time with family and friends... etc
  8. What are the best specialties for MD couple, taking into account work life balance and time to spend with the kids? Would it be a good idea if both of us decide to go into surgical specialties? Should we just base it on whatever fields we r interested in . Opinions would be much appreciated!!!
  9. Or are more masculine personalities favoured? Or is it specialty dependent.
  10. Or are more masculine personalities favoured? Or is it specialty dependent.
  11. Do you recommend working in med school? How do people do it?
  12. I was not trying to stir any controversy. I’m genuinely curious
  13. What is the advantage of holding both degrees? Is it common to have both degrees
  14. I’m interested in getting into a surgical specialty or internal medicine, but several of my colleagues and preceptors tell me that I would be a good fit into psychiatry ( many of these individuals, don’t know my clinical interests and they r just observers of my clinical skills). I was was wondering how much value do u give to the opinion of others on ur career selection. I’m also wondering if there is a personality for psychiatrists or surgeons that would make them a good fit for their career.
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