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  1. FM has good job prospects, but what other specialties have good job prospects?
  2. Your PhD will help morph your application for medical school. It will allow you to network and have more varied experiences ( you will be a more competitive applicant, especially if you have a low GPA, 3.7- 3.8). From speaking to friends who have Phds who are currently studying medicine, i was told that their PhD was what helped them get into meds given how competitive it is. It’s sad that doing a PhD before meds, you don’t get paid as much, but individuals who do it later in their training, have more educational credentials, and they deserve the higher pay.
  3. Or is that only the case at where I go to school? I would say that more than half of my class is dating/married to another med student/ resident. Why is that the case? Why would u want to be with another busy person?
  4. When is the best time to do a PhD?? is it better to do it during your MD or in your residency?
  5. Bookmark311

    Pediatrics - How to be competitive???

    Thank you for your very thorough reply I think in peds you need to do most of ur electives in it, but I personally know a girl who did all her electives in peds but still went unmatched. I was wondering what aspects of someone’s application leads someone to go unmatched??... she eventually matched to FM in 2nd iteration How many research projects did you have, bearded frog?
  6. I am a MS3 and I recently became interested in Pediatric Oncology. What do I need to do to be competitive? - what kind of research do I need to do? - what about electives? - what about ECs? Am I too late in the game ?
  7. I will be starting clerkship in Feb and I wanted to know: 1. How did you review/ study? 2. How to perform well in clerkship? 3. How to be a good clerk? Thank you
  8. I’m MS3, but I am still undecided about what I’d like to do. I’m thinking of peds or internal or obs/gyne. At the moment, I’m quite interested in obs/Gyn but I’m concerned about the lifestyle. Do people choose specialties based on interest or based on lifestyle? How did you make your decision?
  9. I am 3rd year CSA med student at an Irish med school. I scored 260 on my USMLE step I. I am currently doing a research project but no publications yet. I was wondering where do I have a better chance of matching and doing my electives?