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  1. It is also a possibility that schools that previously have bad match years encourage their programs to preferentially accept their own students, thus inflating their match rates.
  2. https://www.mcgill.ca/caps/students/gradschool/medinterview
  3. It is interesting to note that this link shows a reference to a MMI prep company as well (although not sure what "couching" sessions are). A prep company has its benefits and its disadvantages. Take into consideration more than one opinion.
  4. https://www.mcgill.ca/caps/students/gradschool/medinterview
  5. If I'm being honest, it is going to be very difficult for you to get an OOP interview with a GPA that low. You're going to have to absolutely decimate CASPer or something. But like keener said, no harm in applying if you have the $$$ for it.
  6. The only thing that can be objectively commented on is your GPA, which is definitely in the range for applicants invited for interview. The rest is subjective and based on how well you sell yourself. I would apply if I were you (but I think you know that already ;)). Good luck.
  7. I think that should be fine. IMO the ADCOM will not penalize you for using "my" or "I" statements if you are describing your activities objectively and succinctly. Now the trick is to do it objectively. Instead of saying "I developed my communication skills through working with individuals who do not speak English as a first language", I would opt for "I utilized different communication methods, such as sign language, to effectively communicate with individuals not speaking English as a first language". My $0.02. Explore different opinions. Try calling the admissions office, can't hurt. Best of luck.
  8. To help you better, can you provide an example of a statement that an applicant would use?
  9. With 10 spots in a class of 180+, the GPA requirements for OOP students are higher than the IP students. Naturally, whatever advantage is gained by the wider mark range for the 4.0 is shared by all OOP applicants. I''m sure McGill has taken this into consideration. What's interesting is how the admission GPA statistics of the class have changed during the last two cycles. The most recent OOP cohort GPA mean is a 3.92 with a ~3.9 mode. The cohort before this had a GPA mean of 3.96 with a 4.0 mode (8/10 students). To me this means that there may be a shift from higher GPAs to a different system - especially when the admitted students' stats are objectively lower than the stats of the students invited for interview.
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