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  1. I got regrets. Anyone else struggling to check their application status on the website? I imagine so many people are trying to check it's crashing the server.
  2. Okay I will reseach that! If it is only 3 months that isn't that big of a deal as I would be living in BC for those three months and then qualify for the card. I need to check with UBC to determine if they base residency off when I obtain the card or when I can prove I lived in the province. Work for myself though!
  3. You may be right, but here is my plan. Any objections? UBC states that residency is proven by submitting a photocopy of one’s BC residency card. This can be obtained after having made B.C. one’s home and having lived there for 6 months or more. I believe this means I could move there ~7 months before September 1xth of 2020, live there for 6 months, and then apply for a card with a 1 month grace period to be received in the mail. Then I can apply as UBC resident. I only ask because I recently left my job and want to travel for a bit and then move to the states for a bit as well. If I must move immediately however, I will. Thank you for the information!
  4. Hello all! Applications are due September 13th, interview invitations go out early December. When does UBC send feedback to applicants regarding their scores on the AQ and NAQ part of their application? I am submitting an application this year and I am applying OOP. Say I receive notice of my NAQ score >6 months before next application cycle and it is high enough that I could earn an interview as an IP applicant, I would consider moving to BC from where I am soon going. However, if we don’t receive feedback until March or something then I need to commit to moving to BC pretty much immediately!
  5. Whichever program you are most interested in. The trend in medical school admissions processes is that they want actual people. Being involved, not necessarily in medical volunteering, and doing well in a program you enjoy will make you a happier person and will reflect in your interview. I did chemistry and laughed through it and hated it. You want an example? Look up ViolinMD. Music major who got into medicine. You do not need a science degree and other than a few mandatory courses that also help with MCAT studying, just do what you like and excel at it. If you insist on doing pre-med program, go where the grades are inflated. Mac if you have the choice or guelph.
  6. I’m being a negative Nancy my bad guys sorry. Just discouraged and focusing on details like this leads to dissapoint, but, we also need a little hope on our sides and giving up before we hear back is totally out of the spirit of medicine! Embrace the suck. Ignore my ass from 40 minutes ago.
  7. Take it for what it's worth, but I am on the waitlist currently. I applied with a 3.69 GPA, a 128 on CARS, and I must have done very well on CASPer. My interview went very okay - my low GPA and MCAT likely put me on the bottom of the waitlist, and even if I did perform well on the interview it makes sense I was waitlisted due to my average to below average other stats!
  8. I appreciate you responding and confirming that where no-one else would!
  9. What is the size of McMaster's waitlist? I haven't seen a single rejection yet and I see that they send out 330 offers (with only 206 spots), so maybe literally everyone else is waitlisted?
  10. Status: Waitlisted Timestamp: 7:54AM Geography: IP cGPA: 3.69 CARS: 128 Year: done UG Casper: Must have gone well to make up for GPA and CARS but doesn't matter post-interview! MMI: 3 stations felt horrible including the role playing, 2 felt strong, rest I don't even remember.
  11. I got an interview at McMaster, but, I am not in, so take this with a grain of salt. I applied with a 3.69 wGPA and have 2 C-s on my transcript. I also only got a 128 on my CARS section. If you prepare well for the Casper you can more than make up for a weak GPA.
  12. TIME STAMP: March 25th, 2019 1:48 pm EST Result: Regrets wGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 516 (130/128/130/128) ECs: Lots of research (2 first author, 2 oral presentations, won awards for each presentation.), activities with leadership, varied employment (construction, farming, then lab research). Not sure how well my essays reflected my ability, perhaps poorly. Essays: I spent a lot of time on them and I was very proud of them. Year: 5 years to complete UG. Working now. Geography: IP Simultaneously surprised and not surprised. UofT values high GPA and doesn't care about the MCAT. They must have a reason, it must suit their teaching style at their school. Realistically, I am the antithesis applicant (my cGPA is around a 3.69, but I am pretty sure they don't look at that? Maybe when it comes down to splitting hairs at end of cycle picking people to interview they dive a bit deeper and saw my first two years were pretty poor).
  13. I can't speak scientifically. However, for every school I wrote an academic explanation essay I did not receive an interview while I did elsewhere. I do not think it is possible to write about something that affected you so severely without still sounding like it affects you and thus it is better to just ignore it and hope that the admissions committee truly does take a holistic approach towards reviewing your application. Honestly, I get it, you can't let students in who might crack again and waste precious government resources. Unless you have a truly traumatic event, parent dying, and it isn't your depression from lack of motivation that you eventually figured out (more of a personal problem vs external event) I would avoid it. I didn't even read your post if you stated your issue, I just give this generic answer to everyone as I think it is the truth.
  14. So if we hear nothing by tomorrow evening, that is it? No interview to Queen's?
  15. Wait, so if you recieved a rejection notice, you might still get another e-mail later saying a place opened up and there is now room for interviews?
  16. Time Stamp: 12:02 pm (30 Jan 2019)Result: RejectGPA: 3.83-3.88MCAT: 516 (no score below 128)Geography (IP/OOP): OOPExtracurricular Activities: Pretty broad I'd like to think, research, deep volunteering. Wrote a letter of extenuating circumstances and I think it may have shone me in a negative light.CASPer: Interview at places that place decent emphasis on CASPer with an average/bit below average CARS score.
  17. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:00 a.m Interview Date: - wGPA/cGPA: they do last 2 years right? 3.90 (I think) / 3.65-3.75 ish Year: 5 year UG, working now MCAT: 516 ECs: Quite broad, diverse, long term, with some personal non-traditional stuff. A few first author publications and oral presentation awards on research. Geography: IP I really wanted Queen’s and I honestly thought my academic climb from 1st to 5th year as well as some of my sketch would make me look holistic. I consider myself non-traditional. However, as we know it is hard to predict what exactly Queen’s is looking for. Bummer! Good luck to everyone else
  18. Hahaha man what do you mean average! Your ECs define holistic applicant. Also, that is an absurd MCAT score and GPA. Best of luck my friend, you will get in somewhere eventually.
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