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  1. Our Team consist of PharmD/MBA, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, and MLS experienced individuals, who can offer their insight into the above health Care related applications. Some of them have also sat on Admission Committees by volunteering for their respective faculties, so we should definitely be your first choice! We have extensive experience in reviewing and editing application packages and our success rate has been 100% so far. First Consultation is Free!!! Advisory 20$/30 min · One-on-one session to generate ideas for your essay(s). · Suggestions on what to exactly include based on your specific past experiences. · Current Job Market and Income · In-depth analysis of program environment and keys for success · Profession requirement review Application Review $60/Hr · Reviews of your essay · Suggestions on what to highlight and what to exclude from your essay. · Recommendations on the use of alternative words and grammar styles. · Advice on the flow of ideas and organization of your essay. Comprehensive Application review and editing $90/Hr · Extensive editing, revising, restructuring. · Provide detailed feedback for difficult areas. · Proofread for grammar, punctuation, and provide basic suggestions for improvement Resume and Cover Letter Review by an MBA $40/Hr Interview/MMI Practice $60/Hr Feel free to PM me or email me at pharmily101@gmail.com