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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the tips! I sent an email, but haven't heard back yet. Is this still available?
  2. Hello! Thank you so much for this! It seems that the PDF is no longer working, could you possibly repost it?
  3. That's amazing congratulations! And thanks! I think I will keep a few that I really loved and committed to for an extensive period of time.
  4. True true, yeah I just did that this cycle but will definitely be adding more undergrad entries if I have to reapply this upcoming cycle! Thank you!!
  5. What is everyone's experiences taking the two intro physics requirements for McGill MD? Has anyone taken them at schools other than their own school? If so, what was the process like? I go to UofT but I can't take UofT physics over the summer because it clashes with my lab, so I am looking into Ryerson and York. However, I heard rumours that certain medical schools don't take credits from places like the Chang School of Continuing Education (that's what the Ryerson physics courses are listed under). If anyone has any insight into this, or know of other courses I could take online to fill the prereq for McGill, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  6. Yes they are, I am asking for the next application cycle!
  7. Wow really??? That just boosted my hope, thanks so much
  8. Hi everyone, With a 127 CARS and a 3.93 GPA, but amazing CASPer, does anyone think I would be likely to get an interview? Also, does anyone know of someone who has gotten an interview with these stats or lower? Thanks in advance!
  9. Is it bad if we have 9/31 entries on our ABS from high school? Each of the activities are 4 year commitments, but unfortunately, because I am applying as a third year student, a good chunk of my ABS includes high school activities. Is it better to exclude these and have less entries? Thanks in advance!
  10. The same question was asked in a different post and apparently they check just to make sure you have it done in the post-interview phase. I would complete it just in case, I don't think it would make you more or less competitive, but you don't want to take any chances!
  11. Has anyone got in/know of anyone who got into medical school in Ontario with only 1 entry in the employment category for the autobiographical sketch? I just want to know how worried I should be, I have a wide variety of activities from each category except the employment category. Thanks!
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