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  1. Time Stamp: 1:06pm EST Invite/Reject: Invite! GPA: 3.97 (OMSAS, 3rd year undergrad) CARS: 129 Casper: Was a bit uncertain abt this one bc im a slow typer and feel like i didnt write much, often even running out of time near the end.... but I guess it pulled through. I didnt buy any practice but prepared lots by coming up with answers to personals/general MMI answers. Geography: IP
  2. Hello, I wold like to ask if anyone know what 3rd year applicants should put for their post-secondary degree end date/ degree expected date. I'm technically enrolled in a normal 4-year program but the app doesn't allow you to enter an end date past 2019 when my degree expected date would actually be April 2020. If there are any other 3rd year applicants, what did you guys enter?
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