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  1. @Medase Thanks for the suggestion! I will remove any reach school and just keep my list to mid/low tier. I have been browsing here intensively for the past couple days and from what I've seen it's really discouraging. Aside from my GPA, I am worried that a lack of clinical volunteer exp would kill my app. I plan to volunteer at a hospital this summer tho.
  2. Hi friends! I post this on **DELETED** but didn't get much response so thought I'd try my luck here. My stats are not good enough for Canadian schools so pretty much already given up on that. But still gonna try my luck with u of t, queens and ottawa. So anyway my cGPA is 3.69, my strongest years are first year 3.71 and last year 3.91. I just got my MCAT scores back 2 days ago, 131/125/129/130, overall 92%. Tbh I am really sad about the CARS score (another reason I'll likely kiss Canadian schools goodbye). I am a non-trad and I have already completed a MSc, currently working FT in cancer research for a year and half now (~4000 hrs by this time next year). I'd say I have lots of research experience, my job allows me to work directly with some of the most famous oncologists in Canada. However, I have 0 patient contact thus far, and it's difficult to have shadowing experience in Canada. But I am planning to volunteer at a hospital soon so maybe I can talk about that during interviews? I've got 2 pub, 1 first author, and several other manuscripts under review. I have 7 poster presentations at 4 different international conferences, 3 of which are the biggest ones in the field of oncology. Other ECs I have 150 hrs working with a refugee family, 200 hrs working at womens' centre at school, 500 hrs other types of volunteer, 350 hr TA, 1 year FT at a pharma company. So I have made a primary list according to MSAR for Canadian friendly schools. Another hurdle is that I don't have any organic, biochemistry, physics or English course. I will take these before next summer but really do not wanna take English unless absolutely necessary. So the top of my list are schools that do not have any pre-req. 3 cali schools, but according to premed its a waste of money. Keck UCSD UCLA Penn state Sidney Kimmel George Washington Tulane Central Michigan Vanderbilt University of Virginia Pritzker Stanford (lol) Perelman (lol) Duke (lol) East Tennessee (probably gonna cross this out coz their website emphasize strong ties) Tufts (apparently low yield for int students) Geisel Connecticut Hawaii (did they ever accept Canadian?) Georgetown West Virginia Howard Mayo (its a dream) Meharry Michigan state Louisiana state Sorry for the long post. Trying to trim my list to under 25 schools. Any suggestions about schools I should add or delete? Thanksss!
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I am amazed by how helpful and friendly people are on here. I am currently debating if I have a decent chance at applying to med school and any helpful comment would be greatly appreciated. I finished BSc at U of T with a cGPA of 3.71 (excluding one summer course I took in hongkong), which is 3.68 on the OMSAS scale. I also completed a thesis based MSc at the same school last year. Currently looking to publish as the first author in Evolution journal (impact factor ~5). Right now I am working full time as a biostatistician and it mostly involves doing research in the medical/health care field, and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to publish more papers (hopefully soon) with the company name. Although I would most likely get second authors. I haven't wrote MCAT yet. I know my gpa is not competitive and that's the factor I worry about the most. I am hoping to get a few more publications and a killer MCAT score but right now I am really worried that even these won't make up the weakness of my gpa. I think my best option is at Mac as they allocate 1/3 weight to gpa, mcat and casper, and MSc degree adds 1% extra. I have read many posts on non-trad/grad student at this forum but I am seeing different things. If anyone applied to med with ~3.7 cGPA on top of a grad degree, please share your experience. I am a little unsure about fully committing to pursuing medicine if my gpa is going to make my application worthless. Thank you.
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