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  1. I see. Thanks! Are graduate students with a considerable research portfolio interviewed on particular dates (if coming from out of province)? I haven't really been following the forums for U of T and wondering if there's a particular trend from previous years. I just have a few conferences coming up and I'm not sure if I should block off those 2 months in anticipation for a potential interview... Thanks for the info.
  2. Hello I'm wondering if anyone knew when graduate students are expected to receive interview invites or regrets? I know that the graduate applicant stream is different than the undergraduates but are the interviews sent on a rolling basis for graduate students as well? I'm wondering if there have been trends in past years for the interview invites/regrets for graduate students in terms of dates the decisions are sent to the applicants. Thanks!
  3. I think you should try to calm down... this is not healthy Maybe go for a walk?
  4. Hi Poloma, Thanks for your reply but I was not referring to when the interview invites come out. Instead, I was wondering if specific dates and times for interviews are better than others. For example, is it better to interview on the first day of interviews or last day of interviews. I think this would be a personal preference but I just wanted to know what people thought. If anyone has any insight, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone had any thoughts on which interview dates (1st or 2nd week) and times (morning or afternoon) are more preferred for UBC. Thanks!
  6. Hey. Just curious... Does anyone know when the problem with submission error actually started? 1 hr before the deadline or 1 day before the deadline?
  7. Hey. Thanks for your reply. What if there are several manuscripts and publications. Would I then designate an entry for manuscripts and conferences, which would take up 15 or so entries? If I enter a poster presentation which I presented and a manuscript from the same project in two separate entries, would this make it seem like padding? I'm just trying to combine entries where I can but it's hard to combine a poster and manuscript because of the character limit. Thanks!
  8. Hey I'm slightly confused with the ABS format. I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice. If I have research experience where I was able to attend several conferences and publish different papers, would all of that go under one research experience or would each of the papers and conferences be entered separately into the sketch under research? We get 100 characters to describe the experience but I don't think I can fit everything related to the research experience within this character limit. Could someone please clarify?
  9. Hello, This is my first time on this forum and I must say, the security questions to create a Premed 101 account are ridiculous... What's the name of the company that supplies the medical student backpacks? What the... #$%#! For U of T Graduate stream applicants, we have to provide a CV. Does anyone know if we have to list the activities, awards, etc in chronological order or reverse chronological order? It says in their guideline that it should be in chronological order but I've never seen a CV listing events from old to new. If someone could clarify, that would be very helpful! Thank you.
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