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  1. Hey! yeah so the program i was looking at (MLT) doesn't award you with a Bachelors degree, just an advanced diploma. If you take a program with a Bachelors then it counts! I think Medical Radiation Sciences has a BSc
  2. Hi guys! Do programs taken at the Michener Institute count for med school applications? I already have a degree but i am looking to pursue a second one due to my gpa!
  3. Anyone ever worked full time while completing a second degree & did well?
  4. you're not old. and if you start medical school at 28 or 29 you are still young. most people in the class are around that age or older
  5. Did anyone on this forum ever do a second undergrad before going into medical school? What did you do your second degree in? Why? Did you get into medical school after? Did you have a job while doing your second degree? Anyone with experience pls help!
  6. Pros: improving your GPA to the point that some med schools could use that year for GPA calculations Cons: not getting accepted into med/ money and time wasted
  7. Anyone have experience with completing an online degree @ queens? (BA psych)
  8. Did you do your first undergrad in bio by any chance? and did you get a BSc kin or BA kin? do schools let you get a BSc twice?
  9. in your opinion, do you think doing a second degree or just "non-degree" courses would be more beneficial?
  10. thank you! So let's say I take some courses for the degree as "non-degree courses" from january- april, and then apply for the degree for sept 2020 and just continue it. would that count? or should i just wait until september 2020 to start?
  11. Another question: Since schools take your "2 year undergrad gpa", could you do the required courses for the degree like in the summer or during winter semester as "non-degree" courses and then just apply into the degree for september?
  12. Thank you so much! Also, did you apply to medical school after the 1st year of your 2nd undergrad, or do you have to atleast complete two years of your undergrad?
  13. Has anyone completed a second undergrad degree and then went off to medical school? can you describe your experience with it? 1) did you finish your degree or did you complete it in 2 years? do you have to finish your degree in order to go to med? 2) did you choose a degree that was similar to your first? did most of your credits transfer over to the new degree's module? 3) was it worth taking a second undergrad or is it just worth it to go back to school to take 2 years of undergrad courses?
  14. There's a lot of psychiatrists that have a research team but they don't usually post job positions on hospital websites. you could try contacting a psychiatrist that you know of that is an active researcher and see if there's an opportunity for you?
  15. does this mean that if you do a masters they use those years ontop of the 4 full time academic years, or would it be like year 3&4 UG and year 1&2 masters
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