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  1. scrubbed0ut

    Studying for mcat with limited time?

    Do you know if just doing TPR full lengths and any questions in textbooks are most helpful for studying? Do you suggest the AAMC section bank?
  2. lmfaooo i love your username
  3. scrubbed0ut

    MCAT studying

    Anyone at UWO taking the MCAT this year and is actively studying?? hmu
  4. scrubbed0ut


    Hey!! msg me!
  5. I agree. If you don't feel ready for the upcoming exam, take your Prof's offer and study as much as you can for the next exam. Also, try to decrease your working hours as school always comes first
  6. scrubbed0ut

    UBC med from Ontario?

    Hey if you become a BC resident would you have to change your healthcard/drivers license? I live in Ontario so i have the ON healthcard/drivers license. Would I still be able to use my ON cards even if I live in both provinces?
  7. Anyone in London or GTA that wants to study together????? could also do skype would be helpful if we could bounce off each other for any questions!
  8. Hey! I say go for it. You never know unless you try. If you have a lower GPA than the acceptance average, then address it in your application. Don't get too discouraged as you have a lot of volunteer experience in that field!
  9. Any updates? did you go back for any undergrad courses or did you apply for med school?
  10. What school did you get admitted to with a GPA below 80%? Did you have a Masters degree too?
  11. scrubbed0ut


    Looking for an MCAT study buddy!! we could be online friends if anything haha please msg me if interested planning to take it spring 2019!!
  12. scrubbed0ut

    MCAT - Advise for beginner and study partner

    What city are you guys studying in?
  13. Happy Friday everyone Anyone currently studying for the MCAT and balancing a FT job? If you are, HOW ARE YOU DOING IT?!?! I need tips and tricks to overcome being tired at the end of the day. I usually study for an hour during lunch but lightly as I'm not taking the exam until sometime next year.