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  1. Hey guys! This is my first time having an interviewing for med school so I was wondering do we need to take anything into the room with us? Like a mini brief case or folder with some paper?
  2. Thanks for replying For the conference table, how do you maintain eye contact with people at different ends of the table? Do you just look at the individual who is asking the question or still look around at others too? Seems kinda weird if theyre such a distant apart. Do you also have any tips / resources on how to prepare and what worked well for you?
  3. Hello! I have my interview coming up for Ottawa! I was wondering if any current students / other people with interviews have any tips on how to prepare and what to expect. Are the questions usually open ended or do they require a direct answer? Honestly any advice/help would be very very appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi sorry I'm new to premed and I'm really confused with this thread. Are these the schools that are good for Canadian students to apply to? Like do they consider us with their US applicants or are we disadvantaged even with these schools?