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  1. Just got my invite! OOP GPA around 3.9 I think, MCAT 517
  2. True my bad guys, application season is making my head spin lmao
  3. Corrected, sorry that was from the U of C manual, that's not the case.
  4. Just noticed the previous post regarding this. To anyone wondering, it looks like it is required, but you could just explain that you don't have any extenuating circumstances. Sure I've faced challenges in things like juggling responsibilities of class work and ECs, but the phrasing of the question makes me think it's more asking about significant illness, or responsibilities as a parent or something. What are you all writing about?
  5. At the end of the personal activities, there is a personal comments section where you "Describe significant challenges and extenuating circumstances you have experienced.". We are apparently required to write something to submit the application, has anyone contacted AdCom about this?? I don't know what to write for that... I don't feel like I've had any extenuating cicrumstances beyond what the typical applicant goes through... any insight?
  6. For summer jobs done repeatedly over multiple summers, should I include these as separate listings, or as one listing with variable hours? Thanks!