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  1. Result: Accepted Geography: OOP GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 519 Degree: Bachelor of Science (4th year) Interview: felt like I totally bombed the panel so was absolutely expecting a rejection. Congrats to all, will be declining in favor of UBC.
  2. Well, its official - May 10th. Going to be a nervy few weeks. May the odds be ever in your favour!
  3. Last year was April 12th (Thursday) so you are correct that it seems overdue. I wouldn't hold my breath until after the long weekend. To hazard a guess - Tuesday or Wednesday seems most likely.
  4. Timestamp: March 18th, 2019 1:29pm Interview: April 7 Result: Interview (MD) MCAT: 519 GPA: 3.95ish? not sure but in that range ECs: Pretty standard, there's one thing I do that really stands out and I've been doing forever, but other than that just tried to give an honest look at what enjoy - including things like fitness, intramurals and hiking and other little things. Essays: Spent maybe 3 days on them, proof-read by one friend, was not overly confident about them. Year: UG - 4th year Geography: OOP Had honestly accepted the L for U of T already since I didn't get invited to Queen's or Ottawa so definitely a pleasant surprise!
  5. Admission status: Proof of citizenship received AKA Accepted! Timestamp: 5:16 pm PST Proof of citizenship used: Canadian passport. Proof of citizenship status: received. Interview: Gave them a photocopy of my passport so pretty sure I nailed it. Can't wait to meet you all in August! /s
  6. Thanks! 4.0 and 519, ECs a mixed bag of some long term, high level things and some more or less filler.
  7. Just got the email! (OOP). At first I thought I had nothing but then remembered U of A has a separate email they send it to
  8. I think that is the key question here: we have evidence that the admissions process slightly favours females, however if we are confident that the process selects for the best doctors, should we care?
  9. Found it for those interested: https://journals.lww.com/academicmedicine/Fulltext/2017/06000/Are_Female_Applicants_Rated_Higher_Than_Males_on.46.aspx an interesting discussion about true differences in performance or perhaps the self-fulfilling prophecy...
  10. Interestingly, from listening to Dr. Walker's podcast at U of Calgary, he stated that they found women perform significantly better than men in the MMI format. I think he mentioned they published (or were going to publish) the data, I'll see if I can find it. Perhaps a more natural ability to express empathy?
  11. Anyone at Queen's interested in doing some MMI prep? Comment or PM me
  12. Time Stamp: 1:09 PM EST Invite/Reject: Invite GPA: 3.92ish CARS: 128 Casper: Prepped for about 2 days, felt pretty good but not amazing idk Geography: IP
  13. Hey everyone, Is anyone at Queen's/in Kingston prepping for the MMI's that might want to meet up a few times a week and practice some scenarios? Comment or send me a PM if so
  14. Thanks, have you or anyone you know done this?
  15. Hi everyone, First year applicant here and looking to come up with a plan should I not be accepted this year while I apply again next year. I think I have a competitive GPA and have gotten a few interview invites already this year so I'm not really looking to boost my GPA, but should my interviews go poorly I am looking into back up options. Some thoughts I had were starting a masters (interest in microbiology) or maybe training as an EMR, or trying to find a one year masters, course based masters etc... Any recommendations/personal experiences? Any idea on what supervisors generally think about people who work in their labs while actively applying to med schools? I'm not too sure about the timelines of applications for these things but I figure it's probably better to start thinking about this early in case I might miss any deadlines. I would love to hear about any personal experiences in the years after undergrad and before med school.
  16. Just got my invite! OOP GPA around 3.9 I think, MCAT 517
  17. True my bad guys, application season is making my head spin lmao
  18. Corrected, sorry that was from the U of C manual, that's not the case.
  19. Just noticed the previous post regarding this. To anyone wondering, it looks like it is required, but you could just explain that you don't have any extenuating circumstances. Sure I've faced challenges in things like juggling responsibilities of class work and ECs, but the phrasing of the question makes me think it's more asking about significant illness, or responsibilities as a parent or something. What are you all writing about?
  20. At the end of the personal activities, there is a personal comments section where you "Describe significant challenges and extenuating circumstances you have experienced.". We are apparently required to write something to submit the application, has anyone contacted AdCom about this?? I don't know what to write for that... I don't feel like I've had any extenuating cicrumstances beyond what the typical applicant goes through... any insight?
  21. For summer jobs done repeatedly over multiple summers, should I include these as separate listings, or as one listing with variable hours? Thanks!
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