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  1. Have they already made selections?
  2. Human Being

    UofT vs Western vs McGill Dentistry

    If you've been accepted to all three I would go to McGill hands down. Tuition is significantly cheaper; 15K/year vs 50K/year, small class size of like 40 so it won't be as competitive and you'll get to know everyone in the class, Montreal is a beautiful city and a big city, McGill is a very well respected name if that matters to you (may help if practice outside of Canada?). You know there aren't really any drawbacks if you list 'French city' as one.
  3. Hey, I have a few questions: 1. As a Canadian dental student how hard is it to do externships in the US for OMFS? 2. Will doing externships in the US help my chances of getting into a OMFS program in the US vs doing externships in Canada? 3. Do you think it is worth it to do the 6 year program here in Canada, what exactly do you mean when you say it is hard to get hospital privileges here? 4. As a Canadian dental school graduate applying to OMFS in the US, do I have to write the USMLE? I've heard you have to write something called the NBME, isn't that just the organization that makes the USMLE? Which test do I have to write and is it the same test that I would have to write if I were applying to OMFS at Canadian schools?
  4. Human Being

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Got an invite on Monday off of a "waitlist" that didn't know would move. Guess somebody couldn't make it. OOP GPA: 91.6% AA: 23 PAT: 19 Casper: Felt okay for questions I answered but consistently only answered 1-2 questions for each section, slow typer. Unfortunately I was forced to turn down the invite as I dropped Orgo 2 (prerequisite) once they sent me the rejection in mid January because I was concerned about my GPA if I were to apply again next year. UBC was my number 1 choice, stupid mistake.
  5. So since the waitlist moved past March that means people accepted the offer, gave their non-refundable $2000 deposit, and THEN rejected their acceptance in favour of some other dental/medical school? That means people are leaving $2000 on the table? Damn.
  6. Accepted GPA with worst year dropped: 3.92 DAT: 23 AA / 19 PAT Interview: Felt alright, guess it was good enough. Curious that we have to accept/reject the offer by March 8th, I guess UofT wants you to be committed to them lol. Was this the case before as well? Because that leaves me wondering how the waitlist was moving from March-August in previous years?
  7. Honesty not too many people apply to dental school so there isn't really a demand for it, and if you look at the numbers dentistry is not that competitive when compared to medicine. For example UofT's dental school received 569 applications in 2017 and sent out 134 offers of admission, that's a 24% acceptance rate. In contrast, UofT's medical school received around 3000 applications in 2017 and has a class size of around 260 (I am being generous with these numbers here), that's a 8% acceptance rate. So if anything we need more med schools in Canada not dental schools.
  8. With that GPA you are fine for Alberta, UBC, and UofT. Manitoba puts more of an emphasis on core science courses so idk if that works in your favour or not. Dalhousie and Western care about extracurriculars quite a bit so you need to do something if you want interviews there. For the DAT aim to get at least 21 in both AA and PAT to get interviews. If you are applying OOP then you need at least 22 in both. UBC is the only one that requires CASper I think, and you definitely need to practice for that. Scores are never released, all you can do is assume you did good enough if you get an interview there. That's why you take English in your first year as lot of schools drop your worst/first year. Why are you so confident for the interview lol?
  9. Human Being

    UBC Invite/Regrets 2019

    Rejected OOP GPA= 91.6% AA: 23 PAT: 19 CASper: Felt okay, didn't finish all questions in time.
  10. Human Being

    MMI Prep

  11. Human Being

    UofT Interview Invites 2019

    Invite GPA: 3.92 23 AA 19 PAT IP
  12. Human Being

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Exactly, I wrote the DAT last year and got a 21 on Bio and a 21 on PAT, this year I got a 18 on Bio and 19 on PAT. Considering this was my second time writing I did go over all Bio again and practice PAT more so naturally you would think my "skill" in these sections would have gotten better. I highly doubt that my "skill" in Bio has fallen from 21 to 18 (4 points is huge!), same with PAT. I found both the Bio and PAT sections from this November and last November to be comparable in difficulty so idk WTF the CDA is doing.
  13. Human Being

    UofA 2023 DDS/MD MMI Interview Prep

    Interested please message
  14. Human Being

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    26 RC 25 Chem 18 Bio 19 PAT So yeah the scaling for the Bio section was crazy this time around. Last year I got a 21 on Bio and was 83rd percentile, this year I was 89th percentile but got an 18...mind boggling. Other than the CDA changing their scaling to compensate for disparities in apparent difficulty (totally subjective) I think the best solution is for universities to take your best scaled/standardized scores from all your attempts. Since the CDA scales our raw scores so that they can be compared to years past, this should make sense, we should be able to use our best scores for each section regardless of which DAT we got them on...that's the point of the scaling/standardizing right?
  15. Human Being

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Wrote the DAT in November 2017... this time around I felt that it was A LOT easier...mind you that I was a little more prepared this time as well, but easier nonetheless. Bio: This section was pretty much the same as last year, no surprises here. Expect 1 or 2 strange questions where you have to make an educated guess but 95% will be straight forward 'high yield' questions, you either know it or you don't. Finished this section in about 25 mins. Chem: This section was surprisingly straightforward and easier than the 2017 DAT. It was really similar to what Crusher has but don't bank on that because the 2017 one was not. That being said, I think it's good to get practice with Bootcamp because their tests are a little tougher. Overall the theory questions tend to be the trickiest. Also true that some of the formulas from Bootcamp don't show up in this section whatsoever. Finished in about 30mins. PAT: Last year this was my strongest section so I didn't practice as much and focused more on RC and Chem which were my worst sections. Overall I would say that it was about the same level of difficulty as the 2017 write. This section is easier than what is up on Bootcamp and Crusher. I'd say the difficulty level is somewhere in between Crusher and the CDA practice test. Would recommend practicing keyholes, hole punching and cube counting on paper because you can employ different strategies on paper for these sections that you can't on a screen. Finished with about 2 minutes to spare this time whereas last year it came down to the wire. RC: Last year this section straight up traumatized me, the passages just stormed you with heaps of information and it was very difficult to digest even 2 paragraphs at a time. The questions were very wordy, often required you to reread them a few times to understand what it was asking and required more interpretation of the text rather than recall. I ended up having to guess 40% of the questions because of the amount of time I spent to make sense of the text and rereading questions. In general, in 2017 it was a lot more like the Bootcamp passages and questions rather than like Crusher (you could not get away with skimming or search & destroy, you really had to comprehend what you were reading). Because of that experience; I studied using Bootcamp passages this time around, and made a conscious effort of avoiding any skimming or search & destroy strategies. Ironically, this time RC was a lot more like Crusher's practice tests. This was a good thing because after practicing with Bootcamp passages it was a joke for me; 90% of questions were recall and there weren't any special appearances made by esoteric non-science passages (piano). I finished with 15 seconds to spare : ) Overall the 2018 November DAT was a good experience...November 2017 was a different animal.