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  1. Document Tracking We are currently processing your application. Note: During the busy periods around deadline dates (January/February), it can take up to 2 weeks to process your application. Normally, it takes 1-3 business days.
  2. Just completed the application!! I kept getting the "cannot complete application at this time" but it just went through!
  3. So it went back to the contact OUAC error, but the error about the programs being closed is gone. I'm assuming they're working on that now.
  4. Error 7280: You have attempted to submit an application that includes a closed program. Please return to Program Choices, remove the following closed program(s) and re-submit: that error just showed up for me.
  5. has anyone that was experiencing issues been able to submit yet?
  6. just got through to the 1940 number and they stopped transferring people through. but he did say that there was an extension to 5pm, and they will reevaluate based on how many people are still affected if they need to extend for a longer period of time
  7. Yeah, same here. I was reviewing for the umpteenth time and then it stopped working all of a sudden
  8. I can still navigate through the rest of my application, but the review and submit just brings up the contact OMSAS message.
  9. I'm trying to call but can't get through... Does anyone know what to do about this? I'm panicking.
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