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  1. If I am taking a few courses for my master's program, would they be included in GPA calculation? It's not full course load... just wondering as i am not performing as well in those as I did in undergraduate, which is to be expected.
  2. denthopeful2019

    Dal dental GPA

    Hey, does anyone know how dal calculates GPA? Best two years like medicine or all your courses, etc. ?
  3. denthopeful2019

    First year masters

    Yeah thanks... I did UWO and they said I have to be in my second year of my masters for anyone with the same problem!
  4. denthopeful2019

    First year masters

    Hello, I’m currently enrolled in the first year of a thesis based masters. If I was to apply to uwo, will they automatically disqualify my application if I will not be done if my masters til 2020? I have no plans to leave my masters but I’d like to possibly get the experience of an interview/application process. Pls no lecture on the morality of discontinuing a masters. Just looking for answer