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  1. I graduated in 2017 with a BSc and have been applying to medical schools for the past 3 years. This year will mark my fourth time applying. I was fortunate enough to receive an interview at UBC last year (barely met the cutoff as an IP), but I can't help feel uncertain about if I will receive another interview this year or not. I spend most of my time working part-time and volunteering (25-30 hours per week). I was enrolled in a course in Spring 2019 as well. This year, I plan to use my down-time to re-write the MCAT. I guess I am worried that I am not spending enough time doing activities, considering how some people work full-time or are full-time students and do more activities on top of that. Should I be doing more stuff? Just FYI MCAT: 512 (129,126,128,129) - 2017 GPA: 3.94 EC's: Good enough to barely meet the cutoff as an IP at UBC. Reference Letters: I am assuming that my academic reference is probably getting weaker ever year because of time, my other two letters are average I guess (hard to tell).
  2. In this section, it says: If applicable, please explain why: A) Your education has not been continuous B) Your college or university education includes one or more part-time terms C) You are not currently attending college or university. Does this apply to students that have already graduated from undergrad? Or am I just being paranoid
  3. Doing what if you dont mind me asking? and like full-time?
  4. For those of you that did not pursue a Masters degree or grad school, what do you do/ what did you do during gap years after undergrad?
  5. Im in a similar boat. I am wondering what you guys did during those years before med while you weren't in undergrad anymore? Did you guys work full-time?
  6. Has everyone submitted an app to UBC already? I just found out that they do rolling admissions through their FAQ page.... is it even worth submitting an app at this point?
  7. I am an OOP - sorry for the confusion. Ahh I see, thank you guys for the information!
  8. I got rejected pre-interview last cycle and just received my ranking: Academic: 230/782 (top 30%) Non Academic: 292/ 782 (top 38%) Assuming that my academic score stays relatively unchanged and my non-academic score improves a little bit, do I even have a chance of getting an interview in the upcoming cycle? Does anyone know what % you should be within to receive an interview?
  9. I had below interview average and barely met the TFR cutoff lol, surprised I was on the waitlist at all...
  10. Wishing everyone good luck tomorrow! (Including myself haha)
  11. Didn't 25 IP applicants decline their offers last year? -also a worried IP
  12. I completely feel your pain.... and it's definitely good to get it off your chest. This is my fourth time applying to UBC and its the first year I received an interview and waitlist (which I am very grateful for). My NAQ remained under 20 for the first 3 applications and it felt like I was never going to receive an interview. But you must keep going if you are passionate about medicine! Try not to compare yourself to others and focus on yourself instead. Stay healthy, exercise, hang out with your friends, do the things you like to do to enhance your mental health. Work on the weak spots of your application - GPA, MCAT, NAQ entries. It's not going to be easy but if you work hard and commit yourself to the process, it's only a matter of time. I've read some amazing stories on this forum about people who get into the program after 6+ applications and they always motivate me to keep pursuing my dream. Hope this helped somewhat Feel free to PM me if you'd like
  13. That is so weird.. how do you feel about your references?
  14. Looking for people to study MCAT with in BC (UBC/SFU etc.). Reply below if interested!
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