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  1. I completely feel your pain.... and it's definitely good to get it off your chest. This is my fourth time applying to UBC and its the first year I received an interview and waitlist (which I am very grateful for). My NAQ remained under 20 for the first 3 applications and it felt like I was never going to receive an interview. But you must keep going if you are passionate about medicine! Try not to compare yourself to others and focus on yourself instead. Stay healthy, exercise, hang out with your friends, do the things you like to do to enhance your mental health. Work on the weak spots of your application - GPA, MCAT, NAQ entries. It's not going to be easy but if you work hard and commit yourself to the process, it's only a matter of time. I've read some amazing stories on this forum about people who get into the program after 6+ applications and they always motivate me to keep pursuing my dream. Hope this helped somewhat Feel free to PM me if you'd like
  2. That is so weird.. how do you feel about your references?
  3. Feeling so nervous...
  4. Looking for people to study MCAT with in BC (UBC/SFU etc.). Reply below if interested!
  5. Hey guys, I am hoping someone that has done their undergrad at UofT has applied to UBC and knew which courses they might consider as equivalents for the Biochemistry section. I am hoping to use BIO230 and BCH210 from UofT to satisfy them, any thoughts?
  6. Does anyone know if we have to include an entry for AP Credits on Section 3 (where you list all your courses)? Thanks
  7. dduk

    Chances as an OOP Applicant

    I'd recommend you to apply (if you have the funds $$$$)! You never know
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    Because they separated General/Physical Chem from Organic Chem in their prerequisites, I would assume that you can't use organic chem as a substitution. However, McGill's Chem program works a lot differently than UofT, they even say this: The University of Toronto has a different layout for chemistry courses when it comes to students who do not major in Chemistry. We are often asked how one can properly complete the chemistry courses requirements in this context. Many successful applicants from the University of Toronto have CHM138 and 139, along with CHM 220 and another chemistry-related course —including Biochemistry— that has laboratory work (e.g. CHM 217, CHM 238, CHM 247, CHM 249, BCH 370, ...). It is recommended that you speak with your academic adviser for proper course planning. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required course and laboratory work is/will be fulfilled. so in the end, NOT SURE haha, it sucks that we won;t know until AFTER we pay our application fee... :/
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    Hey Fellow UofT student, Their site states: The Office of Admissions is not able to assess your courses prior to your application. A determination of validity will be made only during the file review process. I think you need to take an additional physical chem course, your biochemistry wouldn't count anyways if it doesn't have a lab component. Also I'm going to assume you have the 2 physics courses as well. I am actually using an AP credit for physical chem. UofT gave me a full-year's worth of credit for physical chem when I used my AP credit for some reason so I hope its equivalent to 2 physical chem courses. Hope that helps
  10. Hi, Is anyone from UofT planning to use option 2 in the pre-requisite section? If so, what courses would you be using to fill in the requirements for Molecular Biology + Cell Biology and Metabolism? I'm planning to use BIO230 (http://coursefinder.utoronto.ca/course-search/search/courseInquiry?methodToCall=start&viewId=CourseDetails-InquiryView&courseId=BIO230H1F20189#.W71NpGhKjb0) for Molecular Biology and BCH210 (http://coursefinder.utoronto.ca/course-search/search/courseInquiry?methodToCall=start&viewId=CourseDetails-InquiryView&courseId=BCH210H1F20189#.W71KOWhKjb0) for Cell Biology and Metabolism, any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. SOLVED If anyone else is having this issue, it is because you are using google sheets... it will work on Excel
  12. Hi, Is anyone else having trouble loading the options in some of the dropdown menus on the academic workbook? Does anyone know a solution? I've manually entered the data by looking at the samples they give but I am stuck on the first column of section 3. I've tried to enter my information various ways but I can't quite seem to get the right format for the following info: University of Toronto Bachelors of Science Health and Disease major Thank you
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    I don't have Microsoft Office

    How do i open it through sheets?
  14. Can I somehow not have Microsoft Office (which includes Excel) and still fill in the Academic workbook (which is an Excel file)? Thanks