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  1. Just declined my offer for the English stream today—I hope this makes someone happy!
  2. Amazing, thank you for such a detailed and helpful response! This makes me feel much more confident about the decision I'll be making.
  3. I've read posts stating that despite Mac being a 3-year program with no summers, students are still able to make it work in terms of building their CV, doing research, etc. I've also heard that the program is fairly chill during pre-clerkship with lots of free time to do the aforementioned things. As someone who is leaning towards picking Mac, this is good to hear. However, what I'm wondering is, does Mac's condensed program and lack of summers lead to a lot of stress and burnout during clerkship (in comparison to 4-year schools)? Or do most students find it manageable? Thanks
  4. I was accepted off the waitlist today (English stream)! Likely going to decline this offer
  5. Bumping because I'm interested in the answer to this!
  6. Thanks for starting this thread! I'm feeling a little worried about coming to Mac after reading some of the posts here. What kind of ECs would you suggest doing in the first year of medical school, given that it's a 3 year program?
  7. I responded and haven't received anything afterwards yet either. May try calling tomorrow if I don't hear anything by then
  8. Congrats guys! Do you guys get 1 week to respond? I'm hoping the time thing is true and that there are enough spots left. Mine was 7:18:56.
  9. Yeah I'm going crazy from this waiting. I'm trying to live life as usual but it's so hard.
  10. Interested in knowing about this too, as a fellow waitlister who didn't hear back today.
  11. Hi all, Does verifier title matter? (eg. research supervisor vs. PhD student - PhD student would have more to say about what I did because I worked more closely with them, but supervisor has a better title) Thanks in advance.
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