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  1. Medapps

    Retaking MCAT

    I only see 7 day trial on their website
  2. Medapps

    Retaking MCAT

    Thank you! Do you have the 90 day free trial code?
  3. Medapps

    Retaking MCAT

    Hi, I'm planning to retake the MCAT and I was wondering which resources you would recommend? The first time I used the EK books and AAMC resources. I still remember the answers from the EK and AAMC practice questions so I don't think I can re-use them. Thanks!
  4. Can someone post the secondary application essay questions? Thanks!
  5. Just wanted to make sure for this section I would have to include all the courses taken in my 4 years? And first year is FR, second year is SO, etc? If my school went by a 0.5/1 credit system, do I enter it like that or would I have to convert it to credit hours?
  6. Does anyone have a list of USMD schools with low MCAT cutoffs and are Canadian friendly?
  7. Is there recommendations for a Canadian looking to do their master's at an international university? Looking for winter term enrollment.
  8. Has anyone done their master's degree outside of Ontario? It would be nice if someone could share their experience! Are there any programs I should look into for course based or thesis based? Not sure if deadlines are passed for winter term enrollment.
  9. Or does it only let you submit the file once?
  10. I already uploaded the file but are we allowed to change the file name after?
  11. Do you know of masters students that have written their MCAT and completed their med school applications while working on graduate courses and their research project?
  12. I had to log out and log back in to submit the document and that worked for me
  13. It is a thesis based masters. I only talked to the professors and they said they can work something out where I can finish before the 2 year mark since I am starting one semester late. For one of the projects the professor said I would only be completing one section of it and another masters student would likely take the project on after me. Yes I think it would be a good idea to talk to masters students. I am not sure if medical schools want the degree before June. Would the supervisor would have to write a letter stating that i am expecting my Masters by then?
  14. What should the file name be?
  15. Medapps

    ABS Deadline

    Does anyone know how to upload the Western ABS file? I downloaded the file and filled it out but I didn't do the save as link part (I couldn't find it under File). Would it be okay to submit it as it is?