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  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but from my lay perspective these cutoffs are more than likely rock solid. Maybe someone will step in and correct me on this for uOttawa. They're receiving thousands of applications every year and if they have a published cut off, I'm willing to bet their system will automatically filter anything below that out ASAP. Certain schools will also do this with MCAT and Casper. For peace of mind, you can call the admissions office and they may be able to clarify this for you.
  2. The only e-mail I received upon submission was the confirmation from CaRMS; no confirmation e-mail from munmed@mun.ca
  3. It's at the Medical Education Centre, which is attached to the HSC. Main entrance is facing the parking garage complex. Just to add, my IP invite had a deadline of Friday the 11th to accept.
  4. IP applicant, 10:01 am interview invite. See you there!
  5. The MCAT subreddit has some excellent resources as well. I had been out of undergrad for 6 years and managed a 510 with the materials there, anki flash cards, and uworld. Good luck!
  6. Alright, now the stressful part begins! Good luck everyone, be kind to yourself and to your F5 key.
  7. Any word out there yet? I like to think I've gotten better at dealing with this crippling silence and I'll be limiting myself to only one anxious post on the topic
  8. It's too quiet here and if history has taught us anything, we may start hearing some news this week. Good luck everyone!
  9. It's been a quiet week in the usual spots, so it seems. Hoping today is the day.
  10. Also IP, also discouraged but heck, we're all in this together now. Keep the spirits up and if it doesn't work out this year, we go again next year!
  11. Presumably today and tomorrow, dragging in to next week potentially. I've destroyed my F5 key and used about a gigabyte of bandwidth on refreshing all the same
  12. Can't be the only one who felt a glimmer of hope by that e-mail this morning from munmed :) Good luck everyone!
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