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  1. Hey JohnGrisham, When you say LMCC1 and 2, that is the same as saying MCCQE1 and 2, correct? Also, do you know the timeline on when these exams are typically taken? If I am in the U.S. taking USMLE exams, do you know how they correlate, timeline wise?
  2. Hello drake19, Thanks for the response. I have a few more questions for you! When doing your 1 year with a supervisor in Ontario, are you making a normal FM physician salary (and have to split costs with the supervisor)? You are not making a resident salary, correct? Also, how many years do you have to spend with the supervisor before you can work on your own? Is it just 1 year? (Because you said 1-2 years) Also, after your 1 year with the supervisor, and you pass the assessment, does that give you a full Ontario license to go practice on your own? What do you mean that you "will always have a restricted Ontario license despite passing assessment"? How does this "restrict" you? Does it prevent your "earnings" in any way, etc.? Also, why are you taking LMCC 1 and 2 if you said that you did not need to? Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Hello all, I have a few questions that I am hoping someone will be able to answer. I am a Canadian currently in my 3rd year at a U.S. med school. I am hoping to return to Canada for a FM residency. I am from Ontario. Firstly, would I be able to complete a FM residency outside of Ontario? If so, would I be able to return to Ontario to live and work after my FM residency? What is this process like? Is it pretty straightforward? Thank you all for the insight. I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Hi there! Thanks for the response. A few follow-up questions for you. What do you mean that I will be at a "severe disadvantage" if I do a U.S. FM residency and want to come back to Ontario? Do you mean that I will just have to go through a few more "hoops" to get Ontario license? So, to confirm, if I do a U.S. FM residency, would the path to an Ontario FM license be like this? : Finish U.S. FM residency with U.S. license --> Finish "assessment" over several days by Canadian college --> Wait 2-3 months for Ontario license Thanks for the clarification.
  5. Hello all, I am a current 3rd year med student interested in pursuing a career in FM. I am interested in working in an outpatient clinic/walk-in clinic setting. I have read online about other fields (nurse practitioners, etc.) possibly encroaching on FM in Canada. Is there any truth to this? Are FM salaries affected by this in any way, etc.? Will FM ever be replaced by other fields, etc.? Will FM continue to be a solid and safe career choice in Canada for the future? (What about FM in the U.S.?) I love this field, I just want to be clear on its reliability and job security. Thanks for the input!
  6. Hi there, thanks for the response! So, just to confirm, if I complete a 3 year FM residency in the U.S. (on a J1 or H1B) I would be able to return anywhere in Canada and work right away? Also- I thought that If I successfully complete a 3 year FM residency in the U.S., i wouldn't have to complete the Canadian exam. Is this true?
  7. Hi all, I am a Canadian citizen at a U.S. med school interested in pursuing FM. I have been hearing different things by students at my school regarding this stuff, so I wanted to get some clear answers. If I were to complete a FM residency in the U.S. on a J1 visa, would I be able to return to Canada to live and work wherever I want right after residency? Or would I have to work in an "underserved area" or something like that, etc.? (What about doing residency in the U.S. on an H1B visa?) i would like to live and work near my family, so I was hoping to be able to complete a U.S. FM residency (if I don't get into a Canadian residency) and then return to Ontario near my family to live and work. Any clarification on these points would be much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the reply John! Just to be clear- are the vast majority of U.S. FM residencies ACGME?
  9. Hi all, If I were to do a U.S. FM residency and wanted to come back to Canada to work, I understand I would need to do a ACGME FM residency in the U.S. My question is: are there FM residencies in the U.S. that are not ACGME? Are the vast majority of them ACGME? (Is this something I should be worried about, etc.?)
  10. Hello all, Quick question for you. If you do FM residency and then are interested in doing "+1" for EM, do you only have one chance to apply? If you don't get in the first time, can you apply again, etc.? What about for other "+1" FM programs in Canada. Can you keep applying multiple times before getting in? Thanks for the clarification!
  11. Thanks for the response! Just to be clear- if you complete a 2 year Canadian FM residency, can you still work in the U.S. after? (Does the 2 year FM residency in Canada vs. the 3 year FM residency in the U.S. prevent you from working in the U.S., etc.?)
  12. Hi all, I have somewhat specific question that I was hoping to get answered. I am a Canadian citizen who is currently an M3 at a U.S. medical school. I have interests in pursuing FM. However, I would like to keep as many options open as possible in terms of working in Canada and/or the U.S. after all of my training. If I were to finish med school in the U.S., and then come back to Canada and complete a standard 2-year FM residency, would I be able to work in both Canada and the U.S. afterwards? How does this process work? Would I be restricted in any way? What if I were to complete a 3 year U.S. FM residency instead? Any clarifications on these points would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you all!
  13. Hello all, I have a few questions regarding "+1" programs following a FM residency. When you apply for "+1" programs, can you only apply once? Or, can you apply multiple times? What happens if you fail to get into one of these programs? Are you allowed to keep applying every year if you choose to? Also, I understand there are a number of different "+1" programs (as outlined here: https://www.cfpc.ca/CAC/). How does it work if I want to apply to multiple different "+1" programs? Like say I want to apply to EM as well as Addiction Medicine, does the application program allow me to do this? Any clarification on these topics would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi all, Just a quick question. Does anyone know how FM docs are able to do pain clinics in Canada? Do they have to go through extra training? Do you they have to do a "+1" year in something? This link (https://www.cfpc.ca/CAC/) shows the possible certificates of added competence that family medicine physicians can get. I don't see anything regarding "pain" so I was wondering what it would fall under. (Would it fall under "Family Practice Anesthesia"?) Any clarification would be much appreciated!
  15. Hi all, I am a Canadian student currently at a U.S. MD school and I am interested in FM. If I were to complete a U.S. FM residency, would I be able to return to Canada to live and work without any problems? Could someone outline the pathway to doing this? My goal would be to return to Ontario to live and work. Are there some U.S. FM residencies that would not allow me to return to Canada? Or would the vast majority allow me to return? Also, someone on this forum mentioned that some provinces require "obstetrics" training for you to return. Do you know which provinces require this? Is Ontario one of them? How does this "obstetrics training" thing work when it comes to U.S. FM residencies and wanting to return to Canada? Would I be able to satisfy this requirement through my U.S. FM residency, etc.? Is there anything I need to be wary of with regards to doing a U.S. FM residency and returning to Canada, etc.? (Like certain requirements I need to be aware of, other things, etc.?) Any clarification would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time!
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