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  1. premed1990

    Dalhousie and verifiers

    Thank you! The last question was essentially asking, "will dal med contact my verifiers in november/before the interview"?
  2. Does anyone know when Verifiers are contacted? are they contacted via phone or by email mostly? What's the earliest month people have reached out to verifiers?
  3. premed1990

    Interviews 2019

    Halifax or St. Johns?
  4. premed1990

    Interviews 2019

    I suggest just calling them man. I called Carolyn a few hours ago and she picked up and was extremely helpful. She's so nice, give that a try. EDIT : I called again and Carolyn told me 100% that if you received that email, you ARE invited to an interview.
  5. premed1990

    Interviews 2019

    I believe IV means invitation.
  6. premed1990

    Interviews 2019

    You're OOP right? This is my first application so i'm not fully sure, but its likely they send out all in province emails first then OOP?
  7. premed1990

    Interviews 2019

    Yeah, I got that email. I'm PRETTY sure (99.9999999%) sure this is our interview invite lol. I wish they said something like "congrats this is your interview invite" I highly doubt they would send this email out to everyone and ask them to schedule if they werent invited lol
  8. do you know when they start calling verifiers? Is it after the interviews are sent out?
  9. as in this week? I wrote so much during my exam i'd be so sad if I got bottom 10% lol :(. I feel like the people who get that simply would be slow typers/had bad internet connection
  10. great, thanks. i think we're both good then. how did your casper go?
  11. Yes, that page. and that's a relief! did you make the minimum gpa/mcat requirements? checking back on previous forum posts, I think it's a normal thing
  12. Hey, can you see your dal online application? Mine isn't there anymore and I'm just wondering if i'm screwed lol

    1. Chels1267


      I actually checked and couldn't see mine today either. I have no idea what it means.

  13. Hey, can you see your dal online application? Mine isn't there anymore and I'm just wondering if i'm screwed lol

    1. ysera


      No I think they removed that a while back and have opened it for the next year's applications 

  14. If I log into Dal Online, I used to be able to see my Dal Med application. It's no longer there anymore, anyone else the same or am I screwed?