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  1. crazybananas411

    Interview Invites date?

    Hey everyone, I just have a general question about invites... Since UBC releases the rejections first, does that mean that if you don't get an email on the Monday you know you got an invite? Or can they still reject you later in the week?
  2. crazybananas411

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    This is just speculation, but the deadline for me to accept the interview was not until last Friday. So if some people didn't RSVP by Friday it is possible that they will send more invites out to fill those interview spots. Wishing you luck!!
  3. crazybananas411

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    I don't know for sure, but I can say that the class of 2022 has postponed their information session offered to interviewees because there are still more invites to come out. So that sounds to me like there's still lots of hope
  4. crazybananas411

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    For people who got interviews: Should I expect some sort of confirmation from MUN that they received my email accepting the invite?
  5. crazybananas411


    I wouldn't be too worried yet. I got my invite today, and a lot of people with lower stats got interviews yesterday, so the order seems pretty random. Also, I submitted quite a few days before the deadline. Hang in there and I'm sure it'll come!
  6. crazybananas411

    Interview Invites 2018/2019 cycle

    Got my invite first thing this morning! OOP, 4.0 and 528