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  1. With such high stats (ignoring CARS), you scare me and the rest of the folks who are doing gap years to reapply for med school......... You might want to include your ECs and achievements so someone can figure out what's going on hollistically......so I can figure out if I should apply internationally next year....
  2. I'm sry to say but it is definitely too late for you. US med schools work on a rolling basis, so if applying this late would definitely mean no interviews. I completed all my US apps beginning of August (which is considered late-ish for international students) and still haven't got my first interview, and they have already given out 80+% of interview invites! (3.94/513) Deadlines on US schools sites don't work the same way as OMSAS... don't follow them.
  3. Hopefully you didn't submit. Sadly it happens to some people, happened to me last year, so I didn't submit my application the days before the deadline. Reflect on this and see what you have to improve on for upcoming years
  4. Last year OMSAS crashed afternoon the day of deadline. However they gave everyone that had problems a 5-7 day extension (you couldn't make changes at this time, just pay to submit app)
  5. I sent my outside Canada transcripts 2 months ago, and OMSAS still doesn't show it has been received. Apparently you need to update your profile with all your school background information in order for the transcript to show up. Did that and 3 days later, OMSAS site shows they received it.
  6. 3.85 is the cutoff for English stream so it will be a waste of money
  7. US med schools are always an option you know. You have a really good MCAT score, so if you don't get in this year to Canadian, US is a good place to go. Tuition will pay off if you consider pursuing medicine and not do additional years applying after.
  8. I don't think there is any option for you except doing a second undergrad (or Caribbean). There are people with 3.85+ with four year degrees that don't get in, so you chances are actually 0 without at least 2 years of 3.85+, and even this only applies to Queens and Western only. Second degree at Mac is a great idea, but take heed on the specifics on how to do a 2nd degree to properly be assessed separately from your first undergrad degree.
  9. I am not applying to Ottawa, my fourth year GPA slumped down a bit, lowering my Ottawa GPA to 3.89. Thanks for the advice! Honestly I haven't changed my strategy during these past month of studying CARS, just practicing more on focusing on linking details in the passage and main idea (alongside the usual techniques). I might just wait it out and see how this cycle goes.
  10. So I took the MCAT the third time (Aug 3), studying CARs heavily, and still no improvement on CARS for this one (129/125/129/130). This is the second time I took the MCAT this summer, and I still have a chance to take the Sep 14 MCAT. Is it worth taking it a fourth time, third time this summer? I've been studying CARS for the last month just in case my score went below UofT cutoffs, but should I take another chance? I applied to the states and all, but UofT/Mac/Western/Queens is my prime place to be in, just CARS is killing my chances for most of these places rn. If I do take it this Sep 14, I will have no issue with the other sections, and CARS is a blackbox for me (127+ practice scores don't match up with my real scores. Also will taking three MCATs during one summer, 4 in total, flag me anywhere in the Canadian medical school system? My background First two MCATs: (128/122/128/128) and (129/124/131/126) OMSAS cGPA: 3.91, wGPA: 3.95 ECs: pretty extensive
  11. A lot of times these online classes aren't specifically noted as "online" on your transcripts. If that's the case it doesn't really matter. If it does show, still not a problem in Canada, US doesn't really care either if its one course. What matters is if you're taking a class that has a lab component online, which might be a problem, and not be accepted as an alternative to an in person lab course.
  12. I'll take American med any day compared to Canadian pharmacy school. Pharm is way too oversaturated, career wise it's a hassle in the future with possibilities with technology interfering, and the fact that it includes foreign pharmacists in the competition pool (they can easily work in Canada as a pharmacists unlike IMGs). With American med, you have a huge leg up for US residencies, some chances in Canadian residencies, which balances out the heavy debt burden from tuition once your making money. Unless I had a true passion in pharmacy that is more than medicine, I would not choose pharmacy school in Canada.
  13. No significance at all. As long as your GPA is fine, you don't have to worry changing programs continuously.
  14. As long as you don't share the recordings and make it obvious that you are recording, no prof will notice to say no lol. Quizzing is definitely important to test your understanding to see whether you should study a concept more, whether its in the textbook or notes. I like to think of it as not rereading, but retaining what I read through active understanding and connecting the dots for various concepts. When I mean spaced out studying, I meant don't cram all your studying the day before an exam. Spacing out your studying allows you to retain more, but ofc there will be days you gotta cram before an exam, just keep this as last resort, for now.
  15. Space out studying before a test over the course of a week, briefly look over slides before lectures, record lectures for only the hardest classes so you can take in all details later (if needed), buy and study past tests religiously. Just a few I used to do.
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