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    St George's university for canadian

    The US is actually not that more expensive- Low/mid tier US med schools are actually really similar and even lower in tuition rates compared to St. George specifically. Only a select number of Caribbean schools are actually cheaper than US med schools, though those don't have on par clinical placements I've heard compared to St. George. But yes, any US med school is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any Caribbean one if you can get in.
  2. Medase

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    I feel like my wGPA burdens me from getting accepted to UofT, even with MCAT cutoffs, as I don't have publications. I'll be applying to other Canadian medical schools, though the chance of getting a stellar CARS score seems out of reach.... I was thinking of doing a masters to increase my chances at UofT, and other universities to balance out my lower CARs score (projecting 126-128) and GPA
  3. Medase

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    I wanted to know if I should do a 2 year research masters or take a gap year with my stats? I didn't do too well for my fourth year so my GPA plummeted cause of 2 courses. I want to be a physician heavily focused in research, so don't want to waste years doing a masters in a subject that I might change my mind in the future after medical school. Same time whatever gives me a boost to get in UofT medicine, I'll take it. IP: Ontario Year: 4th year undergrad cGPA: 3.9 wGPA: 3.94 Year 1: 4 Year 2. 3.9 Year 3: 3.85 Year 4: 3.85 (at most) MCATs (Going to retake this summer after getting a 122 CARS and 128 other sections) My ECs: -a club president and vice president of another club -volunteered and worked at hospitals -did some TA work Research -no pubs but one NSERC -two years of clinical research at a hospital -one year research thesis course
  4. Hey guys, I am a fourth year, finishing up a molecular biology specialist with a chem minor. I will be taking a gap year next year to apply for med school, and wanted to work full time in a research lab (wet lab preferably) in any downtown Toronto hospital for a full one year. I emailed a bunch of PI's past few weeks (google search) but none of them have responded, so I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I have a bunch of research experience/academic achievements under my belt, NSERC, thesis, etc. Am I just applying way too early (available to start working June 2019) or are most of these connection based for university graduates? I'm looking for somewhere around Sickkids or the UHN network, but usually I see those that already have a masters get these full time positions. What's the best approach for a university graduate like me to get such positions?
  5. Medase

    Future Directions after MCAT

    Yea, that's what I get for not doing a redo when I felt like I did bad. I was planning on applying for Ottawa, but 3.89 is probably not high enough for that school, even if waitlisted. No worries, I think I'll just work somewhere in research for a year and apply again, after a retake. Such a silly mistake to miss a cycle for, but I will be resilient!
  6. Just got my MCAT score today: 506 (128/122/128/128). OMSAS cGPA: 3.92 UofT cGPA: 3.97 Ottawa cGPA: 3.89 I'm right now in my fourth year, deciding if I should apply this cycle to UofT, Ottawa, McMaster, and Queens (still have submit application till Oct 5 due to the OMSAS crash) I have 3+ years research/clinical experience from hospitals and university (no pubs yet), president and VP for two long term clubs, first aid responder, 300+ hrs of volunteering and sports activities. I somehow got killed by the CARS (even though I was getting 127-129 on the AAMC FLs, probably blanked out on the questions or got really anxious. Should I still submit my application to all 4 schools? I don't think I got a chance this year, but if I don't, should I retake the MCAT while doing a masters (2 years) or working as a research assistant (1 year)? I think I'm pretty competitive except for my CARS, but don't know if I need a 2 year masters to boost up my application. Any guidance would help