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  1. Finished my undergrad at UTM with a 3.94 cGPA. Still regret it and would have went to Mac or Western if I had known about forums before undergrad. Wish I had listened to my parents lol. University is about exploring new experiences and learning, UofT sucks that out of you when you have to study more than your peers. Definitely recommend for graduate studies or non-premed pursuits though. Regards to UofT St. George, UTM is easier, but harder than other universities.
  2. Should be fine if it's like the first week of June, but anything after you're going to be at a very bad spot. US follows a rolling admissions system, and so chances significantly reduce the longer you take to submit your application, as an international student.
  3. Been in a similar position. Don't declare an upcoming MCAT score or some US med schools will wait for it to come out before giving you an interview, which is a death sentence for internationals. Submit application first then book the test. AAMC will automatically upload your MCAT scores once they come out, and will be considered by the schools. I can't help you with what happens after this as I haven't been at this stage lol, but if you do get a lower score your screwed, but if its really high you should be fine. Previous sentence you might want clarity directly from med schools.
  4. Hi, Sorry to say it, but the US looks at all your undergrad years, including those from your first calculation. Without calculations, your GPA would be somewhere 3.0-3.3, which is much lower than average US citizen matriculant, and you need to have much higher stats as an international. The chances are really slim, in my opinion. It's not easy to go from 3.3 to 4.0 suddenly so there's that.
  5. I'm looking into emerg, gen surg, or other surgical specialties, if graduate from a US medical school. Not trying to get a J1 and return back, so hoping the H1B prospects are still high nowadays.
  6. Hi I am thinking of applying and going to a US med school next cycle or two and wondering how difficult it is to get a H1B visa for residencies a non US citizen AMG? I heard H1B is most ideal, with J1 visas having issues with a 2 year leave policy. Thinking of going to Wayne State, so if any Canadian AMGs have any info about Michigan's/any state H1B situation that would be great!
  7. You're right. But not guaranteed, if you write about your situation in the academic explanation essay, you might be considered wGPA, who knows. Still the issue of you being in a US school is a problem of wGPA eligibility tho.
  8. Called UofT once a few months ago, they said only those that did their undergrad in Canada are considered for wGPA, even if it's from US. Might change in the future who knows. 2. Grades from the summer do not count at all for wGPA. Based on wGPA from UofT, they only consider you for wGPA if you have taken a full course load during the fall and winter semesters only, doesn't matter what you took during the summer. Full course is relative to your university credit system. I don't know if you have taken a full course load during the first 3 years of undergrad, but if you did, then you would be considered to drop only 3 FCEs, as you did not complete your fourth year with a full course load for both fall and winter semesters. Of course you can confirm with UofT directly to address this.
  9. TPR didn't help me with CARS at all. If your looking for improving sciences, TPR would be the best, but for CARS you might need to look somewhere else
  10. So I am contemplating whether I should be doing another gap year or doing a 2 years masters (free with stipend). My application I guess doesn't need any improvements that I am currently not doing now, just happened to get unlucky. It's not that I wouldn't mind doing masters, but I would rather do a masters and get a degree rather than do a gap year that won't build my CV for the long run. Thus will masters significantly help being more competitive for residencies? Just finished a gap year, and I'll be applying very broadly in the US, so there's a much higher chance I will get in with my stats/ECs.
  11. TIME STAMP: March 18th 2020 5:30 PM EST Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD Result: Regrets cGPA/wGPA: 3.91/wGPA 3.95 or 3.96 MCAT: 513 (129/125/129/130) ECs: I thought they were good and diverse who knows: 2 NSERC USRAs, 2 years paid clinical research assistant positions at a really good hospital program, multiple scholarships, various research projects throughout university (no pubs), 2 presentations at conferences, President/VP for 3 clubs, other leadership positions, intramurals, first responder, cookie cutter volunteering (500+ hrs), lot of tutoring experiences, and a lot of unique experiences as the list goes on. Essays: Essays I thought were good, maybe one essay prompt could have been improved I guess. Edited many times. Year: Graduated 2019 Geography: IP Pretty disappointed and unexpected for me that I didn't even get an interview, don't know where it went wrong. I'll probably do a masters and try again. Open to suggestions.
  12. I emailed UofT med once, and they said the 3.96 average includes grad students, not sure if they changed things since last year.
  13. applied to Wayne, NYMC, CMU, CSM, and GW way back in July. No response/reply from any........I don't think they know how desperate I am to go to any of them..... 3.94/513 graduated from UofT
  14. less than 50th percentile NAQ score for all those activities? Like what do you need to be over 80th percentile? Cure cancer lol? I'm pretty sure you have more extensive experience than I have and I still ended up in 50th-75th percentile NAQ score (still didn't get an interview though). Weird... Maybe your verifiers didn't reply back for the EC verification emails or something
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