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  1. You need a minimum of 18 graded credits and a minimum of 24 total credits for the year to count. So, for example, if in each term you had 3 graded and 1 P/F then you are good.
  2. Hi All, mature applicant here. I am entering my work history into UCAN and am very concerned that I no longer have contact information for most of the jobs I worked in the past 10-20 years (of course, I have info for my more recent positions). Are any of you dealing with the same issue, or were you ridiculously organized and kept record of all of this information?
  3. In UCAN find the "App Status" tab. At the bottom it will say "Application Scores." The default will be the 2020 cycle. Toggle to the 2019 cycle and the scores should appear at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!
  4. I thought for sure there would be some sign of movement by now, other than the two OOPs. Wish there was some indication on the blog regarding where we are at. No matter how hard I try, I can't stop incessantly checking my email.
  5. Congrats Everyone! For any IPs who were accepted to both U of C and U of A, where are you choosing to go?
  6. We have to consider that they interviewed more applicants this year and interviews were later than in the past.
  7. I am actually having nightmares about my interview now. The closer it gets to May, the worse my sleep! What are you guys and gals doing to distract yourselves?
  8. Yes. An online scheduler opens in the UCAN app about 2 days after invites go out.
  9. Interviews are later this year. March 2, 3 and 16.
  10. The "1705 applications" came from Dr. Walker's response to a comment on his admissions blog, which is linked above.
  11. The only data we have is that 1705 applications were submitted. There is no information on how many were incomplete/closed. Last year's data (2017/2018) is below.
  12. This is the 2018-2019 timeline. Interview invites out early Feb.
  13. If waiting for an interview decision feels like this, I can't imagine what waiting for an offer of admission would feel like!!!
  14. http://vp.ucalgary.ca/images/admissions/MMI2018.mp4
  15. Hi All, In Dr. Walker's 2018 MMI information podcast, he discusses the introduction of two longer format interview stations and says that one has to do with the Top 10 on your application. However, he says it will not be a discussion of your Top 10, as they have already been evaluated. What the heck!? Did anyone have a 2018 interview at U of C and go through the long format Top 10 station? Can you provide any insight into what kind of questions were asked? Thank you!
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